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28 April 2007 @ 01:04
Uwaa~! Thank you for the v-flowers eye_ame! I really appreciate them!

My user info looks awesome right now. :)

And, as it happens, there's more stuff up on Velvet Under World, including my personal favourite... FAKE!


A master of disguise. No one has ever seen his real face.


A sniper. He's a professional.


The ranger symbol shows that he's a survival pro. He's an exceptional driver as well, capable of driving any moving vehicle.

It's Mr No-Brake! And if no one has ever seen Fake's real face, he could be anyone from previous Weiss... or be scarred... or it's a source of angst. Actually, I'm POSITIVE about the last one. :)

My computer's fan is broken, so I can't spend more than 15 mins or so on here at a time in case it overheats. I need to go to Akihabara to get a new one, really. In any case, if I disappear suddenly, that's why.

I bought "Bokura no #1", "Code Geass #1" and "Amatsuki #1" at Animate on Wednesday. I've already finished "Bokura No" and it's a lot better than the anime. The dialogue is a lot smoother and it's more melodramatic. Just before he dies, Waku has a half-epiphany and is just starting to understand himself. It was even more tragic than the anime. There are also more hints packed into the manga. Although my aim was to read ahead, the manga covered what I'd seen already plus a plot arc fragment. I want to get the next volume!

I've started Code Geass #1 and I'm not sure if I'll finish it. I guessed it was some kind of adaption, but so far it seems to suck. The character designs are good (CLAMP, right?), but the writing is clumsy and obvious. The characters just come out and say exactly what they're feeling without any attempt to show it instead. Having said that, I've never seen the anime. Since there are so many episodes released already, I thought I'd just read the manga in order to enjoy what everyone else was watching. Pity it's so bad, because everyone seemed to agree the anime was extremely well-plotted.

I got "Amatsuki #1" and... well... I haven't read it so I don't know what it's about. Animate seemed to be promoting it and it had some really nice merchandise (LAMENTO too). In fact, there's pretty cool new merchandise including some LOVELESS goods. So, yeah, that's why I bought it.
Williamgenkischuldich on 1st May 2007 13:01 (UTC)
Wednesday is not really possible right now because I'm going to a welcome party for my school. Thursday might be a possibility since I'm probably going to [Bad username: kurayamihitmitsu]'s friend's live, so you could come too.

Of course, I'm available during the day -- I loved the chocolate cafe, but last time I vowed it would be a long time before I ate that much chocolate again. ^^
百加☆nitaspitas on 1st May 2007 13:11 (UTC)
heh, I remember that XP well, I'll see what Jamie wants to do and let you know. Do you have my contact info?
Williamgenkischuldich on 1st May 2007 16:57 (UTC)
I don't. ^^ Jmie should have my details though. ^^
百加☆nitaspitas on 2nd May 2007 00:15 (UTC)
okay~ see you in Tokyo sometime ^^