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01 May 2007 @ 20:36
In the future, I bet we'll have flying cars and be able to send money to other countries without any fuss. Haha, science fiction is wacky.

(And if you're thinking, "um, Paypal?" No. NOT Paypal.)

I'm trying to send money overseas and I can't find anything that doesn't require stupid amounts of pre-registering but "kokusai soukin". And even that seems to have fees and TMI required.

I wouldn't blame the seller if s/he gave up on me. What are the rules about sending (large amounts of) money through the post anyway...?

I mentioned a little while ago that the vet opened Train's eyes. Right now, we don't know if they're closing up again or healing, but he seems to be able to follow a cursor around the monitor. Which would mean that he isn't following the sound or air currents, but can actually see!

I thought we were just getting our hopes up before, but it really looks possible!

Yaoi fans should check out Saigo no Tobira wo Shimero!! ["Close the Last Door", Subs Aarin Fantasy]. I haven't downloaded it and so don't know the quality, but if you enjoyed Papa to Kiss In The Dark and Sensitive Pornograph, you're sure to like this one too. When I can watch video again without overloading this comp, I'll try getting it.

"Bokura no" #3 is out too. ARGH. Must... not... overload... computer...

I'm sorry I'm not replying to comments. I'm worried about overloading the computer and so I'm not spending much time online. I'm also pretty tired right now, so I'm really sorry. If there's something important, comment here please and I will definitely reply tonight.
くらやみひみつ: Endless Sleep...kurayamihimitsu on 1st May 2007 12:23 (UTC)
i miss you ;-; you never got back to me on karaoke earlier... are we going to do it this weekend then? or what.. I dunno if you got my text either. I got the Airmyu dvd today if you wanna watch. :3 <3
Williamgenkischuldich on 1st May 2007 12:27 (UTC)
I'm sorry. I seem to be incapable of communicating with anyone today.

Airmyu sounds lovely. I've got that party tomorrow though (plus it's the wrong time of the month, so I'm just in the mood for staying home). Sooooo, I don't know when would be a good time.

Yes, karaoke on Friday sounds good.
くらやみひみつ: Ah~kurayamihimitsu on 1st May 2007 12:32 (UTC)
the party's tomorrow? i thought you said it was on the 3rd.. o.o if its tomorrow, are you free on the 3rd?
Williamgenkischuldich on 1st May 2007 12:38 (UTC)
Yeah, it's on the second. They asked me today, "Are you coming tomorrow?" and I was confused.

What can I say? I was told in English by the English teacher. ^^
くらやみひみつ: So Cutekurayamihimitsu on 1st May 2007 12:43 (UTC)
so do you want to come with me and lindsay to tomochika's event on the third? :3
Williamgenkischuldich on 1st May 2007 12:51 (UTC)
I think so... But... gah. Want to curl up into a little antisocial ball, but there are things going on right now that I won't be able to do at any other time, so I SHOULD enjoy them.
くらやみひみつ: Ah~kurayamihimitsu on 1st May 2007 12:53 (UTC)
*hugsnuggle* its up to you... ^__^ the invitation is open. its at like... 6 or something... so i'd be going there early.. ^^ let me knooooow~ <3333333
Williamgenkischuldich on 1st May 2007 13:02 (UTC)
Yeah, I'll do my best to go. ^^
百加☆nitaspitas on 1st May 2007 12:36 (UTC)
dunno if this is important enough ^^; but I'm leaving for Tokyo tomorrow, and I'd love to meet up~ You sound busy, though...
Williamgenkischuldich on 1st May 2007 12:42 (UTC)
*Nod* Yes, important! I actually replied to your comment just now, but the gist of it is that we're doing karaoke on Friday night and it'd be cool if you could come. And if there's anything else you'd like to do?
nekojita: cat and teanekojita on 1st May 2007 12:39 (UTC)
*crosses fingers for Train* I'll have to try to remember that yaoi series since I need to shut down the pc in a bit because of forecasted thunderstorms. Thanks!
Williamgenkischuldich on 1st May 2007 12:46 (UTC)
It's more of an OAV series I think. Anyway, check it out. I think you will like it if you like hardcore yaoi. :)

Train thanks you for your well wishes. :)
Kasrakasra_c on 1st May 2007 13:31 (UTC)
Have you tried Kagi? It's kind of like PayPal, though I've only ever used it for JPQueen. I don't know how widespread its use is in Japan (or outside of it, for that matter).

As far as sending money in the post, while I can't speak for Japan, I can say that I've mailed quite a bit of cash overseas (mostly to Europe, a couple times to Australia) from the US and never had it go missing once. The most I recall sending in one envelope was $80, but it made it safely without issue to the seller and I received my items a few weeks later in the mail. If you're going to attempt it, make certain that the other people is trustworthy (i.e. good feedback on ebay or whatever service you're contacting them through), that you use a business size security envelope (less obvious as to the contents), and you put a piece of paper or a letter around the cash itself so that if someone holds the envelope up to the light, it's not immediately plain what's inside. If you really want to, many postal services around the world offer things like registered mail or tracking, but honestly, that's a red flag to anyone that's going to steal mail. I've only ever used it at the insistence of the seller, though luckily nothing has gone wrong there to date, either.

Good luck!
Williamgenkischuldich on 1st May 2007 17:01 (UTC)
I had a look at kagi, but I'm not sure it's what I want. I think the other person has to sign up too?

It's a person on LJ who's selling their membership to Worldcon -- as you can imagine, the total for two memberships is pretty high!

If the worst happens, I guess I can send it in bits and pieces.
Darksqualldark_squall on 1st May 2007 22:57 (UTC)
What about Western Union?