William (genkischuldich) wrote,

VELVET UNDER WORLD now updated. I should be writing a speech for my company right now and tonight I'm going to be drunk and have nothing to say and it'll be all Koyasu-sama's fault!!

A pharmacist [Note: my speed-translation. Someone who's good at mixing stuff]. He has a flawless knowledge of how "medicines" can be mixed and there is no one out there better.


[Note: This takes a little bit of explantaion. 'Kaitou' means 'mysterious thief' or 'cat burglar' and you can kind of rework the numbers in Japanese and pronounce them as... Samantha. Oh Koyasu.]

Samantha. A master thief. He's a safe-cracking pro with technique and style.


A intelligence gatherer. Everyone calls him Miwa-chan [Note: Alternate feminine reading for the kanji in his name] and there's no information he doesn't have.

Okay! Off to the party now! Wish me luck on the speech I haven't written...! :)

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