William (genkischuldich) wrote,

I just came back from Musical Air Gear and it was fantastic!

I've been complaining about my ticket because I bought it on the first day of sale at 10am and got a second floor seat, while my friends bought theirs weeks later and got in on the first floor. As it happens, my seat was bang in the middle in the first row, so I still had a really good view!

At the merchandise counter, I got the photoset set and a free sign board. When kurayamihimitsu and I compared ours, we found out they were slightly different! The cast really did sign them!

There really weren't that many people there though. They had the looped runway that went through the audience as before, but it took out a lot of the seats, even just the areas around it. And on the second floor balcony, only the first four or five rows were filled. That added to the amateur feel of the opening section when the workcrew came out, made some announcements and skated around to check that everything was in place.

The plot was mostly the same as before, with that bits and pieces that had been adapted. I think there was less of Akito, perhaps? There was certainly more gay!

It's difficult not to compare the new actors with the previous actors, but Kamiyama Ryuuji-san (formerly Romeo) did a REALLY good job of Ikki. His only real weakness was his singing, which was still good. My opinion might have been different if I'd ever seen the anime or read the manga. But I haven't... I'm not even particularly clear on if the AT grant special powers or if 'flying' with them is a metaphor or not.

Romeo's fill-in, Yonehara Kousuke-san (formerly Hamlet), was pretty good. They kept making fun of him since he was the shortest of the Bacchus team (Google says he's 163cm. *wince* That's NOT short!). Anyway, he was totally up for Romeo x Juliet fanservice, kissing his hand, special touching. There's this really cute bit where Juliet just strokes his hair.

There was a ton of fan service! Ikki hunted Kazuma down and planted kisses all over him, causing Akito to scream 'You're the WORST, Ikki!'. And Onigiri got his bottom slapped! And TsudaKen got groped... Much fun was had by all.

But my favourite character, my VERY FAVOURITEST character had to be Kaito, Akito's brother. He hit all of my kinks -- long abnormally-coloured hair, cool and insane. His hips... he was amazing. And he appeared from a ladder on a helicopter, guns blazing. He also appeared in the second-half grabbing a girl from the audience in handcuffs (I'm jealous! :)) and posing with her on-stage as his fanclub wheeled on fans to make his clothes blow in the breeze as he sang a song. He was crack-filled sex... didn't have much to do with the plot though.

Instead of the tongue-twisters this time, there was a competition to see who could go up the ramps, skate between two cones and stop themselves before three more cones. All of Team Bacchus had a go and they measured their stopping distance. Romeo overshot the cones quite a bit and so they measured his height instead of the distance between him and the cones! As before, Ikki returns and "does it better than Team Bacchus with ease". Except, not. He overshot the cones more than anybody else, skipped a little, and rolled out into the wings! He returned and posed as if he'd really done it. And then TsudaKen rolled up and "proceeds to do it even better than Ikki". He stopped way too short, then removed a cone from his jacket and set it at his feet. TsudaKen pwns all.

Overall, I really enjoyed it. I think it was much tighter than the first Airmyu, with much better skating and singing. Not to mention a hell of a lot gayer and fanservice-filled. ^_^ Once we came out, I admitted that it was better than DL4 and my friends agreed. YEAH, WE WENT THERE. :)

VELVET UNDER WORLD site updated! Now includes release details for the image song "Alternative".

In addition to the VELVET UNDER WORLD image song "ALTERNATIVE", there will be another song that has yet to be announced. Both of these will have off-vocal versions.

Release: Multiceye
Marketing: Geneon Entertainment
Stock number: GNCA-7919
First press bonus: Picture card
Sale date: 25th July 2007
Price: 1260 en.

The extra on the CD is the three minute pilot movie for VELVET UNDER WORLD!
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