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08 May 2007 @ 23:31
Apparently there was an earthquake just now. I felt it and it went on for a surprising amount of time, but it seemed really weak.

Guess that explains why the cat was acting so strangely. He even bit my nose!

Here's a Instant Drabble-Maker. A little snippet of what I got out of it (let's just say that when it asked me to imput body parts, I suddenly became about twelve years old):

But Sunny had already moved on. Like a murderer in the night, he pressed his penis into Wildcard's hair. And as they fell together in a linguistic fit of love, the coffee lay on the floor, purple and forgotten.

They're two of my original characters, by the way.

sakura_katsuai drew my attention to the fact that you can find ZAZEL music videos on YouTube.

By the way, is absolutely everyone on my flist screening comments from me or is LJ acting up?
strawberryjoy on 8th May 2007 16:54 (UTC)
I now filter posts about Jiro/FLH to preserve the non FLH fangirlies from repetition (and myself from public mockery). You have to put up with everything else.^^
Williamgenkischuldich on 9th May 2007 09:39 (UTC)
So no one hates me then...? Strange. Must be LJ then. :)
strawberryjoy on 9th May 2007 17:52 (UTC)
Not that I know of.^^