William (genkischuldich) wrote,

As promised, here are some of the pictures from the Thai Festival in Yoyogi Park.

Before The Event

Half-naked samurai embrace // The crowds

Thai Food

Spicy chicken // How to cook Green Curry // Dragonfruit

Thai Culture

Fruit carving // Dancer // Masks

Street live

After the park

I want to eat Thai food again...

I watched "Bokura no" #4 today. I really like the opening theme and looks like it might be good for karaoke. I might even buy it. I don't like the ending theme so much.

Bokura #4 [Subs, Triad]

Some very nice stuff in this episode, including Koemushi explaining how the robot is powered. I figured out about the lifeforce power, but having read the first manga only, I thought that it could be anybody's life when I saw Kodama accidentally kill his own father. That was really nicely handled, I thought, since... well, it had the chance of looking like Michiru's Boyfriend's Death [WK], which is as awesome a screen death as there has been in any anime EVER. So I was thinking more of a supernatural explanation, where Ushiro accidentally taps Waku off the robot and Kodama flattens his dad with a robot and wraps the children up with the guilt of murder... somehow. But it's more simpler than that, since Kodama dies in front of everyone (he hasn't in the manga). When he walked across the floor and then just slumped to one side, I realised... Kodama's secret is he's a cat. I mean, my cat does that all the time.

And while the life force question has been answered, there are still more. Why was the other robot trying not to harm the city too much? Are the kids really on the side of good? And is Kokopelli dead or not? I just googled to find out how his name is romanised and apparently he shares a name with a Native American fertility god. Well. Maybe it's relevent?

That... is one incredible stream of consciousness. But it's gone midnight and I love this series! Should I download the raw of #5...? So tempting. I think I'll just buy the next manga at Animate. I'm going there because WARD should be out this week if my calculations are correct. Probably either today or tomorrow.


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