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22 May 2007 @ 22:52
From Moonphase:
  • Cast of Zombie Loan revealed [Edit: Oops! Correct link now.]! Wow.
    Kita Michiru: Kuwashima Houko-san
    Akatsuki Chika: Suzumura Ken'ichi-san
    Tachibana Shito: Sakurai Takahiro-san
    Bekkou: Morikawa Toshiyuki-san
    Shiba Reiichirou: Suwabe Jun'ichi-san
    Yuuta: Saitou Chiwa-san
    Yoimachi Koyomi: Ueda Kana-san
    Kuze Shimotsuki: Gotou Saori-san
    Asou Sotesu: Itou Kentarou-san
    Hakka: Tsukui Kyousei-san

    I actually made a lolcat macro the other day. But my husband didn't get it, so I wonder if the humour is too obscure. Anyone?

    I'm going to see Bambino tomorrow, although I've already found out that they've TAKEN AWAY THE BAMBINO CHOCOLATE. That was really awesome the last two times -- little packages filled with a secret actor card plus two packets of tiny Smarties.

    Anyone want to gather afterwards and maybe do some a little bit of card swapping, text me!

    File this under "I know Japan's racist, but...":

    Foreign students banned from the first leg of the national high school ekiden marathon relay

    But it's not because they hate foreigns, it's because the foreigns are too good! And Kenyan!

    And from the rest of my flist:

    Cutty Sark (Guardian op piece)

    When I was little, travelling on the Docklands Light Railway to the Cutty Sark was a real treat. (There was also a book boat nearby and I got a new Doctor Who book almost every time. And the passageway underneath the river was fun.) This news is pretty upsetting.
    Annatricianna on 22nd May 2007 14:46 (UTC)
    I totally get your lolcat macro! Fridge!kitty looks v. cute :)
    Williamgenkischuldich on 22nd May 2007 14:49 (UTC)
    I'm glad! When my husband didn't get it I suddenly thought that it might be some poem only known to English majors.
    Annatricianna on 22nd May 2007 18:56 (UTC)
    Hm, never thought about it being an "English major only" thing, but then again, I was one so...

    Still, I agree with another commenter below -- the poem does sound better in catspeak.
    The Imp of the Perverse: D1 - <3giving_ground on 22nd May 2007 14:46 (UTC)
    I wonder if the humor is too obscure.

    I got it. XD XD XD XD

    (But it's partly because in London now there's this "poetry on the underground" thing where some of the pannels for ads have poems written on them instead, and that one was up on the Victoria line for most of my second year at university. So it's kinda firmly planted in my mind. *g* )

    I'm still feeling a bit wibbly over the Cutty Sark. My first memory of London is going out to Greenwich to see her, actually, and... well... yes.
    Williamgenkischuldich on 22nd May 2007 14:52 (UTC)
    I missed out the 'u' in 'humour'. I have been here too long!

    Ah, I used to read them. I think they've been going a while.

    Yeah, it's exactly the same with me. I remember it well...
    The Imp of the Perversegiving_ground on 22nd May 2007 14:54 (UTC)
    Oh, really? *g* oh, that's right - I didn't see them until second-year because I didn't need to take the tube much until second-year, that would explain why I only started seeing them then. *laughs* My memory sucks. :)

    It's just damn lucky so much had already been removed for restoration, really... but still!
    Mami: schu first lastmami_san on 22nd May 2007 14:51 (UTC)
    ahaha kitty XD
    I get it, if only because my roommate in uni was in love with that poem. She kept showing it to me over and over, and I kept telling her I didn't think it amounted to anything. Somehow it sounds much better in catspeak.
    Williamgenkischuldich on 22nd May 2007 14:53 (UTC)
    It's not a poem I like that much, but it did seem like a good candidate for lolcat. I got the idea when my kitty wanted to go inside the fridge... but when I had a camera in my hand, he just didn't want to.

    I think he knew.
    scribblemoose on 22nd May 2007 14:55 (UTC)
    It's a miracle the mast and some of the decking were away at the time. I was really touched yesterday by one of the restoration folks, who said that for a ship with as long and distinguished history as hers, this is just the latest obstacle for her to overcome!

    I'm sure she'll be back before we know it.

    (And I got the lolcat macro too. ^^)
    Williamgenkischuldich on 22nd May 2007 14:57 (UTC)
    I hope they'll be able to repair her. If nothing else, if it had to happen, this is probably the best possible timing.

    (Guess my husband's at fault then! Always good to know! XD)
    reichsfreiherr on 22nd May 2007 15:20 (UTC)
    I rather like that marco and the original poem too.

    I didn’t know about the fire but they do say that it’ll be rebuilt which is something.
    Williamgenkischuldich on 23rd May 2007 02:12 (UTC)
    I'm sure it will be rebuilt and restored -- it's one of those rare tourist attractions that attracted people from both outside and within the country.
    (Deleted comment)
    Williamgenkischuldich on 23rd May 2007 02:13 (UTC)
    Maybe it's not so obscure then! Glad to know! :)
    bladderwrackbladderwrack on 22nd May 2007 17:07 (UTC)
    heeee ♥ (cat)
    Williamgenkischuldich on 23rd May 2007 02:14 (UTC)
    Thanks. :)
    キャラ エンスイkyraensui on 22nd May 2007 17:42 (UTC)
    I wanted to watch Zombie Loan because of Sakurai-san, but looking at the cast, it's looking good. I have yet to read the manga yet. Thanks for info~!
    Williamgenkischuldich on 23rd May 2007 02:14 (UTC)
    No worries! Looks like an amazing cast!
    yoinkmyspleen on 22nd May 2007 21:49 (UTC)
    That is an odd ban to put in place...

    When I first started to read it I initially thought "hey, that's ridiculously unfair" but as I progressed, it does look like the reason that the ban has been put in place was because of unfair play in the first place.

    As good as Kenyans are reputed to be at running, it's doubly unfair to use their abilities to win a relay race when otherwise they might not get on a team - since the teams aren't made up totally of Kenyans and that's how teams often work, sadly. Hm.

    How odd. There's far more to consider in this that I first thought ^^;
    Williamgenkischuldich on 23rd May 2007 02:21 (UTC)
    Yes, but it's not unfair to field the best runnera, no matter their nationality. There's not a huge scam running where runners from Kenya enrol in high schools across Japan just so they can win a high school marathon. :)

    This is high school vs high school, so the teams should be made up exclusively of each school's pupils. And, it is. But no foreign students.