William (genkischuldich) wrote,

Bambino 2

I saw Bambino 2 this evening!

I was worried that Bambino had been getting progressively bigger after each performance I saw. However, this was not the case. Everyone was nice and calm as they were for the very first one and the queue for merchandise just as short as ever. I bought the set and a handful of trading cards. However, I was not pleased to note that the chocolate is now gone! Before, you got two small bags of chocolate and a trading card and it was the best merchandise ever. Now, you get two random cards and some stickers.

When I sat down, I noticed a pattern around me. The fans would flip through their flyers for other shows and then stop. Then they would stare at this one flyer for minutes. Some took up to ten minutes to fully appreciate the beauty of this one sheet of glossy paper.

Sukedachi. Probably the prettiest flyer I have ever seen.

Anyway, the basic plot is that there's these boys that work in an 'urisen' in Shinjuku 2-chome (pron: ni-choh-meh). Basically, they sell themselves in Tokyo's gay district.

Previously, the plot was centred around a few central characters, but this time the theme is special days. Father's day... mother's day... cavity prevention day... immigration day... chicken day... Not to mention that the plot is ongoing.

There's an evil man named Aoyama with an oral fixation who runs The FOXY Group who aims to crush the Bambino urisen.

He is Katou Kazuki-kun.


...Did I mention the oral fixation?

Katou + pet bottle + glasses = OT3 FTW.

He also speaks in this super-polite, precise form of Japanese which, for me, is a lot easier to understand. Ah, he sounds so nice!

There was the return of "Tenshi no Tsubasa wo Ageyou", sung by Itou-kun and Miura-kun (Lyrics here, if you scroll down). Speaking of Itou-kun, his new hairstyle is very strange! It went from black and straight to light brown and curly! WHY!?

The new theme song is the old theme song with almost the same lyrics and a different tune. I didn't like it as much since I really liked the old one.

There was this one scene that hit me pretty hard. The play starts off on Mother's Day on the 16th June with the Master being hit over the head with a flower pot by an unknown person. The play jumps back to the month before and builds up to the day. It's then revealed that the Master was killed in this attack.

...And then he comes back, one scene later. Pretty cheap, if you ask me.

It ended with pikohan (squeak mallets), Takuya -- who plays a boy who looks after flowers and wants to be a dancer -- breaking down after realising his mistake in trying to kill Master, a scuffle in which EVERYONE piles on top of Kazuki and them all bowing down to him in order to save Bambino.

It was pretty good, although I liked the first one better (but that was exceptional, soooo~).

I went to exit-waiting afterwards, which was a polite affair compared to the Dream Lives! The backstage entrance was clearly marked and so a few people (no more than ten) were waiting on the other side of the road, out of their way. I'm seriously impressed with how different Bambino fans are!

I was texting L and J when I heard a voice say "Takuya, thank you for the performance". I looked up, and there was Takuya, right across the street, hurrying in the direction of the station. His hair looked as if it had a mind of its own -- it positively FLOUNCED! It was very shiny.

I then realised my mistake. I was assuming that the big tour bus in front of the backstage was for all the boys, but really they were all going their separate ways at the end of the evening. Some of them were even going to catch the train, probably! Like I said -- it's not a Dream Live! :P

Next came Juri-san, Shota-kun and Eiji-san. No one noticed him except for me, since he had a hat on. However, since no one thanked him for the performance, I felt bad about saying anything. What if I was wrong? I'd feel really stupid saying anything in front of the others. So he passed (somewhat) unnoticed...

Finally (although I'm missing someone in that list, I think ^^), I saw Shinoda-kun. He looked ADORABLE. He was walking along and, just like Eiji-san, no one was saying anything. But I was SURE it was him. I wanted to say something... And then the girl next to me said something and so I called out "Thank you for the performance!" and he looked at me and gave me this really nice smile and a wave. He seems like a nice guy, actually.

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