William (genkischuldich) wrote,

So. I saw Pirates of the Caribbean tonight. There IS a scene after the credits, btw, but it's terrible.

The film was really strong up until that point. Great acting, Elizabeth was "allowed" to be as strong and as determind as Will, great fight scenes and Jack was Jack.

It was great RIGHT UP until the credits rolled. The very final scene is of Elizabeth presumably with her child waving off Will for another 10 years.

Without this scene: Elizabeth remains the Pirate King and a ship's captain and sets off to find a way to free Will, probably involving the Elixir of Life Jack was searching for and continuing her adventures.

With this scene: Elizabeth gives up her Pirate King title and her role as a ship captain and goes to live on an apparently deserted desert island to raise her kid alone without any support from her husband who's having a fine time on the Flying Dutchman. What a wonderful life. Um. Yeah. *slow applause* Way to ruin a fantastic film.
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