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Wow, things have been going crazy in Lj land... There are a ton of links all over the place, but a lot of information is gathered over here at Fandom Wank (although you'll probably find even more on your own flist!). Seems not just fandom types are getting suspended, but lit communities discussing Nabokov, Japanese street fashion communities and survivor communities. That last one is particularly disgusting.

Apart from the above, I had a fine day today! I walked to Ikebukuro and went to Animate. There was so much I wanted to buy, including merchandise from anime/manga with which I have only a passing familiarity. Top of that list would be a life-size replica of Honey-senpai's bunny from Ouran Host Club! Actually, it's a little bigger than life-size, presumable so it looks as big on you as it does on Honey. There's also a hat with a lizard on it for Hitman REBORN, Naruto gloves and a huge range of BLEACH character jewellry.

As you can tell, I go for 'real' items from series. Even ones I've never seen. Having said that, Death Note has some really nice zip ("zipper") charms and D.Greyman has mini alarm clocks.

One of the most awesome things I saw, however, was EVANGELION CAN COFFEE!!

One of the most famous Evangelion quotations is "Nigecha dame da" (逃げちゃダメだ) which means "Don't run away" (there are many different translations though). The side of the black can reads "Nonja dame da" (飲んじゃダメだ) or "Don't drink", I guess. Actually, I think that's the brand name.

Some (Japanese) articles with pictures: here and here.

Another thing I saw was Pirates of the Caribbean seafood curry rice crackers. They had mini packs for under 100 en, so I was pretty tempted. But I didn't.

In the end, I only bought volumes three and four of "Bokura no". I bought one and two individually, but these were the only two books on the entire shelf! I figured I should get volume four while I still could.

Finally, in Sunshine City, I bought a hat and a Godiva chocolate drink. I also stopped by a recycle shop and saw these great military caps and was tempted. I just kept thinking, "That will be really useful for something one day... but what!?". Hm.

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