William (genkischuldich) wrote,

I only just noticed this!


Guests: Iwata Mitsuo-san, Koyama Rikiya-san, Madono Mitsuaki-san, Seki Tomokazu-san, Inoue Kazuhiko-san, Hoshi Souichirou-san, Taniyama Kishou-san, Itou Kentarou-san, Kishio Daisuke-san, Miyano Mamoru-san, Ono Daisuke-san, Yamaguchi Kappei-san and chaired by Kuon Hajime-san (this is the only name I don't recognise?).

Tickets go sale next Saturday. I just have to choose between Saturday (Kishio Daisuke-san and Yamaguchi Kappei-san) and Sunday (Miyano Mamoru-san and Taniyama Kishou-san). Will probably go for Saturday just because of the Weiss Kreuz connection. But... Miyano-san! And Taniyama-san has a WK connection too. AGH.

I also got Sukedachi presale info... It scares me. For a start, no info on Lawsons. So, I will either have to do it by phone or go to a different convenience store. Unlike previous presales, they haven't broken down the steps into easy-to-understand stages. But I think I understand. I think I do... (Do I just go to a Family Mart after that? Eep.)

Additionally, they are limiting me to buying 12 tickets at a time.

Wait? Twelve!? How big is this theatre, anyway? (It's the same place as Bambino+ something I can't remember.)
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