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04 June 2007 @ 19:33
From Moonphase:
  • The official site for Masked Maid Guy ("Kamen no Maid Guy"), due in 2008. Woah.
  • I was going to link this site just because it wasn't one of the new moegirl series that are recently being announced all over the place. But there's more to this one. Koyasu Takehito-sama plays a bunny! So it's got to be good! Happy Happy Clover.

    So here's one more of Koyasu-sama's diary entries. Seems to contain spoilers for "Terra e" and "Gintama" as they relate to Koyasu's characters.

    June 4th.

    Since the latest comics are out, I think you already know this, but this time I'm voicing Adam Blade in the CD drama of "Needless"!★
    Wah, since this manga has cute designs, I didn't expect such explosive action. I've been excited for many days without once thinking that playing this role is a big undertaking. Probably the boss' blood is boiling at this~~~~~~~~! (>_<)It's yet to be recorded, but I'm now really looking forward to it!! Everyone! Please wait for this exciting CD drama. (^.^)b

    Oh, my role of Keith in "Terra e" is now finished with, after his final meeting with Jomy and his group. It happened to Keith and it happened to Takasugi. Ah, but that last one was "Gintama", wasn't it?


    Devil May Cry #1 (Raw)

    Up at last! You should definitely download it!
    Daegaerdaegaer on 4th June 2007 12:37 (UTC)
    Happy Happy Clover . . . I have no words. (Mainly because I can't read the site ;-) I must admit to a certain morbid curiosity, though! Or perhaps a sparkly pink sugar-high curiosity.

    All this voice acting though - stop taking paying jobs and write more Weiss, Koyasu-san!
    William: Velvet Under World: Desperate For More Wgenkischuldich on 4th June 2007 12:40 (UTC)
    Koyasu is going to be the cutest ikkle bunny ever!

    *Still thinks Velvet Under World is his attempt to do just that!*
    Daegaer: seagulls of doom by toscas_kissdaegaer on 4th June 2007 12:44 (UTC)
    Cute Bunny: Look! A pretty flower!
    Cute Bunny 2: I'm so happy!
    Flying Squirrel: I love everyone!
    Koyasu-Bunny: *whips out sword* DIIIEEEEEE!