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18 June 2007 @ 19:41
There's going to be a Shounen Onmyouji musical.


A new take on Weiss Side B from fishlove.

From Moonphase:
  • Much Gundam 00 shininess

    Another Koyasu blog translation. Is it his dorkiest yet...?

    16th June // Your Name is Tuna.

    In the seiyuu industry, the MonHun [Monster Hunter] boom continues. I'm almost entirely socialising within the MonHun entertainment network. I've done "FF Tactics" and "Kabu Trader Shun" and for some bizarre reason I'm now doing "Doubutsu no Mori". Nah, I'm actually remembering old and pleasant memories by doing this again after such a long time and it's wonderful.(^-^) Above all else, I found happiness in spending the seasons with the villagers and living a rural life (the grass rustled sometimes, but there was no Ruffresia [a Pokemon]) and, moreover, my beloved duck named Tuna (even though she's a bird she has the name of a fish because of her pink colour) is now in my village and it greeted me "Wait, Raa-chan!".
    This is my best and most emotion-filled memory of the game.
    The door of my heart -- knock knock -- opened -- creak creak creak -- and my tears flowed.゜。(p)∧(q)。゜゜
    She waited for me even though I'd abandoned the game for eleven months. Because it's a game. That's because it's a game. That's the system. I understand that. I know that. I've grasped that, but it's not so easy!ε=┏( >_<)┛Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Everyone, everyone, is living together as friends!(>_<)

    Well, what I'm really saying is that this "Doubutsu no Mori" is a superb game. I'm continuing my double life for now, but I don't know how long it will last. But, because she exists only in the village, it's very difficult to meet my Tuna.(●^ー^●) Ehehe.
    百加☆nitaspitas on 18th June 2007 13:24 (UTC)
    I think I've abandoned my Animal Crossing for almost as long. But I want a pet duck to greet me, too! lol, all I'll have are cockroaches in my house that I have to kill and weeds to pull probably >< My students are all playing Monster Hunt right now, though. I'm almost tempted to get a psp to play it...
    Williamgenkischuldich on 21st June 2007 06:20 (UTC)
    Ah, so Animal Forest = Animal Crossing...? I had no idea.

    I've yet to see a cockroach in my new apartment ...yet. ^^
    百加☆nitaspitas on 21st June 2007 12:52 (UTC)
    lol, yeah... i meant cockroaches and weeds in my animal crossing house ^^ they scuttle around the floor, and you have to chase after them and crush them until the ghost of the cockroach floats out... (can you tell i've had experience with this? ^^;) my actual apartment seems to be pretty bug-free.