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25 June 2007 @ 19:05
From Moonphase:
  • Juushin Enbu official site now up. A strong cast including Suzumura Ken'ichi-san, Sakurai Takahiro-san, Koyama Rikiya-san and Fukuyama Jun-san.
  • Velvet Under World site still not updated.

    The most traumatic Tenimyu ticket application ever! *emo tear*

    ...So, on Saturday I was typing up my notes for my novel when I came to a page in my notebook that detailed the Tenimyu lottery system that started that day. I'd completely forgotten!

    I rang and rang the number until I got through, listened to a long spiel in Japanese and promptly screwed it up typing the next number in the list. I rang and rang and the second time I tried typing the P-code twice. Fail.

    They've changed the phone system so that this time you actually have to know Japanese to enter the lottery! *shakes fist at the sky* The third time (after much ringing), I actually listened properly to the instructions and managed to get to the end of the automated system (correctly? Who knows?). Now all I have to do is wait and see. And ring that damn number again.

    I also have to wait for the results of the Terra e... event application. Koyasu-sama is waiting. *nods*

    All internet cafes have free drinks, but this one has unlimited coffee syrups. I'm so tempted, but I really can't have coffee at this time of the evening.

    I went out on Sunday and did some D&D tabletop roleplaying. Been a while, hasn't it? It was at kuroe's friends house and his wife cooked us all authentic Turkish food. It was amazing!

    I'm glad that it was good, because my friends rang to tell me what a great time they had at the Jack Jack event. I'm glad for them, glad that they could go, but I didn't have the money. So I guess that phonecall was kind of bittersweet. Ah well. Next time.

    I'm reading another one on my free book list. I think I'm probably in need of an intervention. This one's called "The Second Time Around" and is about a woman on the trail of a man who disappeared after apparently embezzling all the money from his company that he claimed had found a cure for cancer.

    The advantage of this book is that the author is able to combine sentence structures to form more complex ideas. Compared to the previous books, this seems like sheer genius. There's also less 'telling not showing', which was driving me mad in the last two.

    However, I can't feel that this book isn't for me. The author has a tendency to name-drop fictional middle-class characters ("The few clouds overhead were like puffs of white cushions, drifting around up there almost as an afterthought. That's the way my interior designer friend, Eve, tells me she uses throw pillows when she decorates a room. The pillows should look casual, an afterthought when everything else is in place.") and drink lots of red wine. Rather than going out to expensive restaurants, we watch Japanese boys pretending to be frogs with my friends and drink tea. I guess we must be doing it all wrong.
    Sharon: D.Gray-man Kandasharona1x2 on 25th June 2007 10:50 (UTC)
    You always have the coolest links. ^_^ It's nice to see that Sakurai Takahiro is still in so many things. I was a little worried when he had that theatre scandal. I've really started craving his voice.
    Williamgenkischuldich on 25th June 2007 10:53 (UTC)
    If only I had the coolest books instead...! I have to say though, I'm secretly enjoying hating all these terrible books. :)

    I don't really know what to think of him anymore after those events. But I do like his voice still.
    Hi-chan (火ちゃん)hinoai on 25th June 2007 11:22 (UTC)
    But the Tenimyu lottery is the same as the last 4ish times... Once you do it once, it's not so hard at all, so have faith!! I really hope that I get the tickets that I applied for... if I don't, I might not be able to go at all! I definitely can't afford yahoo tickets this time around... ;_;
    Williamgenkischuldich on 26th June 2007 10:38 (UTC)
    Yeah, but there's just one little difference -- you can't just write down all the numbers you have to type and then type them in. Now a voice asks you to press 1 and hash ("pound" in American, I think?) to confirm at random intervals. I don't remember ever having to do that before...
    Linstarrbeam on 25th June 2007 11:36 (UTC)
    when do you know if you won the tickets.
    Williamgenkischuldich on 26th June 2007 10:39 (UTC)
    For Tenimyu? Wednesday at the earliest.
    nekojitanekojita on 25th June 2007 13:02 (UTC)
    Here's hoping you get the tickets, I'd probably have given up after the second try!
    Williamgenkischuldich on 26th June 2007 10:40 (UTC)
    Thanks. I don't usually give up that easily though... :)
    くらやみひみつ: Mou..kurayamihimitsu on 25th June 2007 13:35 (UTC)
    *cling* i didn't mean to make you feel bad about it if i did... i told you before i'd get you a ticket if you really wanted to go.. *cling*

    if you want... i'm gonna be applying for fanclub tickets for takumi's play, if you want me to try and get one for you too. *hug* its in september..

    gomen... *cling*
    Williamgenkischuldich on 26th June 2007 10:42 (UTC)
    Nah, it's okay. I'm glad you went and you had a nice time. I'm even glad you phoned because I missed you and NO ONE wants to visit my new house! Seriously, I was just being emo. :)
    くらやみひみつ: Rabu Rabukurayamihimitsu on 26th June 2007 12:47 (UTC)
    *cling* i miss you tooooo.. and i DO WANNA VISIT. *flail* i just havn't been up to going very far lately cause of my own personal issues... *hugcling* i do wanna visit tho... X3 REAL GRASS

    again, i ask tho. X3 do you wanna go see The Family: Kizuna, with me and lindsey and maybe chelsea and such in september? :3 i gotta preorder tickets through the fanclub noooooow. <3
    (Anonymous) on 27th June 2007 08:04 (UTC)
    Ehhhh.... I don't know! I think I'll skip it this time. Unless the summary is really interesting?
    Williamgenkischuldich on 27th June 2007 08:05 (UTC)
    I guess I forgot to log in. ^^
    h_whungry_worm on 25th June 2007 22:17 (UTC)
    Whenever I read about it, I feel that the lottery system is terrifying. o_o
    Williamgenkischuldich on 26th June 2007 10:46 (UTC)
    Not so much terrifying as disappointing, really.