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03 July 2007 @ 18:07
Another diary entry from Koyasu-sama.

2nd July // Did You See!

About two ago in a certain place in the city centre, there was a Bo-bobo drinking party ("BO-kai"). Among those in attendence was, of course, Bo-bobo's true creator Sawai Yoshio-sensei. All of the BO-gumi attended, except for Beauty.
The TV anime is already finished and although we sometimes gathered just for random reasons, this time the BO-kai was mostly to say thank you to everyone for their efforts over the course of the show and beyond. This week I have Weekly Shounen Jump 31 and it was our plan to gleefully pity Sawai-san because of his decision to end "BoBoBo-Bo Bo-BoBo", a series that has run for six years. Well, we decided not to attempt that kind of amusing conversation (^-^) and my point is if you're one of the people who haven't read that final chapter, please do so. He side-stepped the difficulty that comes with having to conclude a legend and I honestly thought the last chapter was absolutely incredible. Although Sawai-san may think that continuing to receive attention and contining to make big hits is not common, I think he'll find that that kind of success will continue to come to him. I explained my feelings to Sawai-san concerning the future at the BO-kai.
I'm awaiting his next project, of course!
Please push aside the pressure and do your best! I'm also going to do my best!
Let's continue to aim to foster deep respect between us!
I really mean it when I thank you for the effort you gave.
Until the end,

Ah, the coupling song with my CD, "You", is now complete and we're just waiting for it to go on sale. I won't be defeated by Sawai-san, so I'm going to do my very best as long as I keep receiving your support!

1) It is reassuring to note that Tey's portrayal of him in Weiss Thursday was fairly accurate.
2) "You"? Is that the coupling to "ALTERNATIVE"!?
3) For those of you unaware of the details, the masterpiece that Koyasu-sama refers to is about a man who fights injustice with his nostril hair.

I feel half-dead today. This cold has knocked me out almost completely.

kuroe and I went to Tsutaya (a video chain) the other day and rented four DVDs, mostly of anime that I've wanted to see for a while.

Gintama DVD 1 (episode 1-2)
Only two episodes per DVD? That's crap! Anyway, I really like this one so far. It's off-the-wall and random, but not so random that there isn't a plot like, say, BoBoBo. We both almost choked on our dinner when the Shinsengumi were introduced. I mean, I've seen promo posters, but I had no idea that's who they were meant to be! And there are so many pop references (For example, the man they meet in the first two episodes turns out to be MatsuKen). It must be really difficult to write fanfic for this series, trying to figure out which elements of everyday life are Edo style and which are modern.

NHK ni Youkoso (Welcome to the NHK) DVD 1 (episode 1-2)
I had heard this was good, but I had no idea what it was about. In any case, it's about a hikikomori (a special kind of Japanese recluse) named Satou who is "adopted" by a girl who wants to cure him. He tries to deny he's a hikikomori and ends up claiming to be a game creator and subsequently teaming up with his next door neighbour to produce a girl game to prove it to her. The DVD didn't go beyond this point since there's only two episodes per disk. Don't know if I'll rent more.

Shounen Onmyouji DVD 1 (episode 1-2)
A story about the grandson of Abe no Seimei. I rented it only because it's going to become a musical very soon and I wanted to get the basic plot (I still know nothing of Air Gear!).

At first, I really liked Mokkun. I wonder how long that will last, though? Once again, although I've seen posters advertising the series, I had no idea of the connection between him and the pretty redhead in them. I laughed when I found out. :)

I can't help wondering how they will portray Mokkun in the musical. I mean, they had some pretty "interesting" ideas for special effects in the Naruto musical, didn't they? Maybe they'll just have a pretty boy with rabbit ears...?

Death Note DVD 1 (episode 1-3)
I kind of swore off anything other than the movies because I like L so much. I suppose your reaction to that would depend if you see Death Note as a battle of wits between two geniuses or about Light's descent into madness in which the action revolves around him. Seems like a lot of people thought it was the former (it should have been!), but it was really the latter.
But... I was kind of swept up in the hype that came with the broadcast of the final episode and when I saw it in the video shop, I decided to get it.

It follows the manga closely so far, scene by scene if not panel by panel. I found that I liked Light a lot more than I did in the movie because he's clearly bonkers. I like that in anime pretty boys. He has the maniacal laugh down perfectly.

What's cool about the anime is that they've decided to go the route of epic melodrama. They've taken out the humour (too bad really, but then why make an identical anime?) and replaced it with a Kira chorus and split screen effects. It's very, very cool. I loved the last scene in the first episode:

Light: I am--
L: I am--
Both: --justice!!

Not to mention the bit where Light's writing the names with great flourish and the Kira chorus. I want to see more.

...From the only LJ that brings you the latest AND oldest anime news. :P

When you see another foreign in Japan, there are pretty much two options. You can ignore them (90% of the time) or you can smile and even say 'hello'. The latter happened to me today and we got talking. But we went to a coffee shop and had coffee and now I'm suffering from too much caffeine as well as a cold. I had a lots of fun talking though, mostly in a mix of Japanese and English.
Starrie: kinda homecrabsushi on 3rd July 2007 10:25 (UTC)
Please get better soon!

Koyasu, Koyasu, Koyasu... And that thing he's referring to just made me twitch. That was actually the plot of a story? uwaaa, Japan.

Foreigners in Japan amuse me. They're so fierce in their "LALALA Can't see you!!!" mindsets.
Williamgenkischuldich on 3rd July 2007 10:36 (UTC)
I'll try! ^^

Yes, it was completely off the wall. One episode is enough, really. Koyasu, of course, played the nostril-hair-fighting lead in the anime.

It's funny, isn't it? We could all be friends (maybe)...
Starrie: BOTULISMcrabsushi on 3rd July 2007 10:43 (UTC)
....of course. o_o
*makes a note never to watch it*

You'd think so, but I guess they came here to get away from westerners and hate us intruding in their little fantasy world.
strawberryjoy on 3rd July 2007 10:44 (UTC)
Welcome to the NHK is one of my favourite series (anime or otherwise). I wasn't sure about it at first but the further into the story they went, the more acute the observations were and I had definitely reached the point of dropping everything when a sub came out by the halfway mark. I've been meaning to get the manga.
Williamgenkischuldich on 5th July 2007 09:49 (UTC)
Yeah, I think it was probably from you that I got a favourable impression of it... I guess I don't really see the humour so much.
reichsfreiherr on 3rd July 2007 10:49 (UTC)
So far I’ve heard the comment that the Light’s use of the Death Note has sexual connotations, as well as had a brief discussion querying whether or not Light’s story may in fact be an allegory for the trials and tribulations of a gay teen in a traditional Japanese family. The latter may have occurred while I was drunk though, kicked off by the comment that “They’re so into each other that they may as well be dating” in regards to the tennis-date episode early on.
I didn’t feel half so inclined to blatantly take the piss when reading the manga funnily enough.
Williamgenkischuldich on 5th July 2007 09:58 (UTC)
I think that's deeper than I'm willing to go! :) Do gay teens in traditional families tend to get befriended by shinigami and go on murder sprees then...? *puzzled*
reichsfreiherr on 6th July 2007 12:48 (UTC)
Not quite since Ryuk is meant to represent the underground gay scene that Light gets casually involved with before he meets an older man online, that man of course being L. This is going down the same route as my Trinity Blood as an analogy for the sexual liberation of children raised in strictly religious families analysis really.
bladderwrackbladderwrack on 3rd July 2007 13:36 (UTC)
Omfg, Bo-bobo drinking party? I saw an ep of that once when I was in Spain ... um, yeah.

Aw, Koyasu's such a dork. ♥
Williamgenkischuldich on 5th July 2007 10:22 (UTC)
Yeah, I saw one episode of it. I was intrigued, but I don't know if it has more than one joke...
aionwatha: Light - KIRA at workaionwatha on 3rd July 2007 17:54 (UTC)
Dude, if you want to see the anime, no need to rent it, I have the first few DVDs and all of them on my laptop... >_>
Mew: SO - Togethergokumew2 on 3rd July 2007 17:55 (UTC)
Isn't Gintama awesome? Gintoki cracks me up. Sugita just plays him so well. Wait til you meet Sadaharu! Then everything gets a little crazier. X.D Shinsen subs this series if you wanted to dl the fansubs.

As for Shounen Onmyouji, Mokkun is adorable and Guren is yum. It's funny that their personalities are so different. Even Konishi has pointed this out, hehe. You should try to check out the drama CDs. They're really good. I really hope Tenko Hen will be animated. (The series ends after Kazane Hen, and Tenko Hen is after it.) It was somewhat hinted that there'll be a second series since the end just said something like "End Kazane Hen." Maybe they're waiting for more of the novels to come out.

ANYway, I'm starting to ramble. Gintama & Shounen Onmyouji are luv!
Williamgenkischuldich on 5th July 2007 10:36 (UTC)
Sadaharu? The first name that springs to mind is Inui... :) I'm okay for subs, since it's pretty easy to understand and if I rent them, I'm giving the people who made it a little bit of money. Seems fair. :)
Mew: Yoru - funnygokumew2 on 5th July 2007 16:34 (UTC)
Haha, not that Sadaharu. =.P You'll see.... I think he comes in like umm... ep 10? Somewhere around there. Gintoki and Shinpachi amewse me to no end. X.3
ningengirai on 3rd July 2007 18:22 (UTC)
What I want is the damn Kira chorus. I managed to find the third soundtrack, but not the first, and I really, really LIKE the music.
我が愛しき修羅: Can't sleepbemysty on 3rd July 2007 18:57 (UTC)
ningengirai on 3rd July 2007 20:09 (UTC)
Our marriage has been set for the first of August. Be there. :D ( THANKS! )
Williamgenkischuldich on 5th July 2007 10:38 (UTC)
And more thanks! :)
我が愛しき修羅: They totally dobemysty on 3rd July 2007 18:37 (UTC)
Appropriate icon goes ---> here <---
Oh, Koyasu. Never change <3

And yay, I actually watched two of those series!

NHK - it's quite an interesting series, though the anime bastardizes Misaki a lot and splits from the manga storyline more or less early-on... mostly to exclude the very depressive turn it takes later. I think it depends on the person whether you like the changes or not, I didn't really like them because a situation such as Satou's isn't really suited for a (semi-)"good end"; the manga is a bit more... well, not exactly realistic, but a little bit closer to the reality of being hikikomori. I like the comedy elements early on, and I've known a couple of /a/ssholes browsers who get depressed by every new NHK chapter (because it reminds them of their own situation), so I'm not sure which direction I should empathize with. I personally prefer the manga, but to each their own I guess.

Death Note - ahahahaha! Don't expect too much from that... the animation of the first couple of eps is not exactly indicative of the quality throughout. The anime is a fairly good adaptation, all things considered, but the Madhouse people clearly dropped acid a couple of times throughout, especially for [spoiler] and [spoiler] (Judas/Jesus OTP religious symbolism FTW). It's mostly about the truly epic writing/potato chip eating/laughing/scheming scenes, all the verbose stuff of the manga totally went over my head in the anime (because I was watching raw and concentrated too much on the wacky colour scheme >_>).

It still cracks me up that Raito + Mikami = Tamaki + Kyouya. Hirano Aya pissed me off majorly as Misa, her take on the role is truly painful on the ears. Apart from that, lots of fluctuation in performance quality; I'm still convinced Miyano Mamoru was the best choice for the role (although, judging by his most recent blog entry, he's a raging fag for Raito. I lol'd. A lot).
Williamgenkischuldich on 5th July 2007 10:45 (UTC)
Re: Appropriate icon goes ---> here <---
I don't think I need a depressive storyline, even if the anime is lighter. I'll probably drop that one then. I'll get a different series, maybe. Any suggestions?

So... it gets worse? Sounds good from your description, I must say.
Owen: Pawn [..same.bad.fashion.sense..]kidboomerang on 4th July 2007 05:54 (UTC)
*happily reserved my copy of Alternative today* ... there needs to be more news coming out about this project, I swear.
Williamgenkischuldich on 5th July 2007 10:47 (UTC)
Koyasu keeps going to drinking parties.... :P
百加☆nitaspitas on 6th July 2007 14:59 (UTC)
I'd opened this entry when you posted it and never got a chance to comment on it...

Gintama's been one of my favorite series since it came out last year. The entire series is just crack. There isn't really much plot until almost 30 episodes in, but every episode is hilarious. Sadaharu confused me at first, too, and he's voiced by Sakuno's seiyuu when she's not being an idol. This show is what made me love Sugita Tomokazu's voice. Plus Ishida Akira's character has a pet man-dressed-as-a-giant-duck. Miki Shinichirou and Junichi Suwabe also pop up occasionally, and of course your beloved Koyasu-sama plays a major role in the arc that just aired XP

I liked Shounen Omnyouji, but I kind of stopped watching in the middle of the series and never picked it up again. It was cute, but I needed more crack to keep my attention at the time, and then other shows showed up that had more crack... I am curious to see what they do with the myu, though...

I'd been meaning to watch the Death Note anime (and I might when it gets broadcast in my area...), but when it first came out, I'd just read most of the manga and watched both movies within a couple months in addition to watching all of Ouran right before, so I was all DN'ed out and still seeing Tamaki when I heard Mamo-chan's voice... I watched the first few episodes, but I still haven't watched the tennis match episode, so I may pick it up again just for that and to hear Matsuyama Kenichi as Jealousy....
Williamgenkischuldich on 9th July 2007 10:50 (UTC)
Wait... that's a man dressed as a giant duck? Umm... I honestly thought it was justa giant duck!

I know the myu will be fantastic. Even Naruto myu was fabulous in its own very bad way. Just a little concerned by the age of the actors, if anything. It makes me sad that everyone's so young!
misss_vampire: Aya side Bmisss_vampire on 7th July 2007 08:13 (UTC)
now that I think about it.. Koyasu can be quite mischievous sometimes *lol* damn, he should act his age (althou he's funny that way XD)

Hmm.. even though i'm from a faaar away country maybe I'll get the chance to get a copy of "alternative" it's been a long time since I got my hands in something koyappi-related but I'll try to work harder on this, it seems quite worth it *nods head*

ahhh death note is awesome, I read the manga before the series and totalle got me hooked up, currently writing a DN article for an anime magazine thou...
William: Velvet Under World: Desperate For More Wgenkischuldich on 9th July 2007 10:53 (UTC)
I love him this way! Every entry is a special dose of crack!

I think even the promos for Alternative state that this is his first single in a long time (which I find hard to believe, but ok). I'll definitely get it and probably post it here and/or in the comm for it.
(Deleted comment)
Williamgenkischuldich on 9th July 2007 10:54 (UTC)
I know what you mean! I'm going crazy over him right now!

Do you know where I can find the Losing Will To Live!Koyasu, btw?