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Last night, I went to a community "Bon Odori", which means a kind of dance you do to celebrate the festival of Obon. You've almost certainly seen in anime.

The dance took place in a small park near our house. Everyone was dressed up in yukata, which reminds me that I really have to go and buy one at Uniqlo. In the centre was a tower, the design of which was straight of the Edo era. Around it were glowing pink, green and blue lanterns which gave the area a ghostly glow. At the top were musicians.

A Japanese guy approached me and I asked if he could teach me the dance. He said he didn't understand how to do it, but you join the circle at a point in the corner and just copy everyone else. I asked if that was really okay and he said it was fine.

At that point, there was a time-out while the children were given sweets and I started talking to this Australian-British guy that was also there, who also encouraged me to join in once the sweets were handed out.

And so I did! There were some lovely, middle-aged ladies there who were only too pleased to help me get the right positions in the dances (although it required a bit of manhandling since I lack coordination and rhythm!). Gradually you move around the circle and, after a while, the moves repeat. It sounds simple, but I loved every minute of it. Without a doubt, this was the most incredible and amazing experience I've had since arriving in Japan. Do read the Wikipedia article I linked to because it explains it better than I ever could.

(Went out drinking afterwards. Ate basashi on the insistence of my very drunk new friend (the Australian-British guy). I didn't like it much at all. It tasted like ice cold, raw corned beef. I wonder if my parents could be persuaded to try it?)

From gekipuri:
Third gen cast graduation.

From Moonphase:
Suteki Tantei Labyrinth is getting animated. Written by Manjou Meito-sensei and illustrated by Wakayama Seiji-sensei. It looks very pretty.
BAMBOO BLADE will also be animated.

Another Koyasu Takehito-sama blog translation!

22nd July 2007 // Thank you so much.

"Ookami" CLEAR (●´∀`●)/ Wow, it's been a while since I cleared a game. It was so much fun! The story combined folklore, myth and fairytales and wound it tightly into an SF fantasy. I felt the degree of difficulty was appropriate and that the gimmick of being able to use a calligraphy brush was the best. (^-^)
High quality for sure, high quality for sure.
Well, shall I play The Elder Scrolls or Oblivion next?(о^∇^о)

Thank you so much to everyone who came to the TerraFES. I was able to have an enjoyable time even though it has been a while since I was at an event and in front of everyone. Thank you m(__)m My apologies to those who weren't able to go, but perhaps we'll have a chance in the future? Although I guess I don't make many public appearences, huh? (;^_^A Ahaha.
At any rate, Takemiya Keiko-sensei was really cool. (^-^)
I got a signed illustration of Keith. Happiness. ゜+。(*′∇`)。+゜However, it was sad that we weren't able to talk in great depth. Even though I've turned 40, I'm still inexperienced. ( ̄~ ̄)ξ I'll do my best for Keith! Ψ(`∀´#)GROWL!!</a>
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