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Let’s start with the bad news first of all. Rokkaku is barely there! The only appearances are made by Itsuki and Aoi and the rest just don't appear at all [Edit: in the performance I saw, at least. All of them appear at various points, two at a time, as my lovely commenters have told me. ♥]. Apart from that, this was one of my favourite myus!

Rikkai Second Service spoilersCollapse )

This time, you'll be interested to note, the enquete asks how difficult it is to get tickets. Although I had no problems (I won the presale lottery!) this ONE time, I said it was really tough since it was for EVERYONE ELSE I know -- as usual! At least it finally occurred to them to ask. About time! Please, please, if you're going, fill it in and tell them what's it's like to get tickets for this thing!

The photosets are amazing! But isn't it cheating to have new photosets for characters that never actually appear? I was going to buy Ire's -- I was lauging at it before the show since it had a shoe about to come down on his head in his tennis shot. But he never appeared! I'm glad I waited. Probably the non-appearance of Rokkaku is old news for those who read spoilers though.

Kirihara // Kite // Niou // Yagyuu

I love the school uniform cosplay shots! I wish I could have afforded more. Hopefully someone else will scan or photograph theirs. Sharing what I have...

We were a little light on the flyers this time. The only one of interest was Pippin.
Tags: event, myuboys, tenimyu
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