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09 August 2007 @ 21:56
Let’s start with the bad news first of all. Rokkaku is barely there! The only appearances are made by Itsuki and Aoi and the rest just don't appear at all [Edit: in the performance I saw, at least. All of them appear at various points, two at a time, as my lovely commenters have told me. ♥]. Apart from that, this was one of my favourite myus!

It starts with a kind of random recap of the matches from the past myu. It didn't look so good until we got to the proper Seigaku opening song. The dancing was really, really good. Seriously! They've suddenly come together to become extremely coordinated. I don't remember a Seigaku cast that couldn't do that kind of jumping, thrusting dance without flailing randomly. They were so good!

The first match was Inui x Yanagi. The CGI backgrounds returned to show data tennis. I thought it was pretty funny. Masei put on a really good show and let out this massive scream as Inui. I like him very much. I was so taken by Rikkai's shiny in the past that I forgot I was an Inui fan.

There's even a scene shown on the screens where we get to flashback to chibi!Inui. I don't know who played him though. One of the Ichinen Trio...?

I think it might have been during a scene change in this match or directly after, but in the background you see Yukimura wheeled by on his hospital trolley and... in silhouett... he raises his racket and strokes it. OH TENIMYU SO RANDOM AND AWESOME IT TURNS OUT I STILL LOVE YOU. We were all snickering.

Next up is Fuji x Kirihara match. Rikkai get on the court to sing a rendition of BLOODSHOT, which sounded amazing. Once again, a highly coordinated routine. And Kirihara... wow... I think I'm going to have to say it. I'm going to have to talk about it and I apologise in advance.

Kirihara's bottom.

He moves it very nicely and gyrates it just at the right time. It seemed to have a mind of its own in one of the songs. Please no one tell me how old he is because I don't want to know.

The boy's got plenty of attitude in any case and dances around the court winding everyone up. His taunt song -- which might be called "Hey, Genius!" -- involves him dancing and gyrating with Aiba. They moved together really well, but I think I might be the last one left who still likes Aiba. Anyone?

Just before the interval, they sing this incredible version of Hijou no Tennis with Yukimura doing a solo part over the rest of Rikkai. I HAVE SO MUCH LOVE FOR THIS NEW VERSION. Crossing my fingers for it to end up at karaoke.

It ends with Fuji losing his eyesight.

The musical is a little unbalanced -- the first half is forty minutes and the second half sixty five, but hey. I don't really care!

In the second part, it turns out that Fuji has Tezuka in his head to inspire him and so he can win. Kirihara has this incredible screaming fit (I love the crazy, seriously!) and Fuji wins. Kirihara faints into his arms.

The "final" match is Ryouma x Sanada. Rikkai sing something which might be called "Fuurin". It's rather good -- there are rings of fire on the tv screen and all of Rikkai start thrusting. I was worried that it might have turned into a very different type of stage show. Then I figured -- why worry?

Ryouma also has Tezuka in his head. They bring on the tv screen just to show a train! However, this establishes it as the infamous Tezuka x Ryouma match near the overpass. Minami sings a version of "Omae wa Seigaku no Hashira ni nare".

Sanada and Ryouma sing a duet I'm calling "Ore wa Samurai".

After it ends, Aoi is doing exercises, when suddenly, a member of Higa appears behind him. He does the same on the other side of the stage. Suddenly he sniffs and goes "Gouya?" (a vegetable almost entirely unlike a cucumber that plays a big part in Okinawan cooking.)

Rokkaku and Higa have a song. It's quite short, but heavily influenced by Okinawan music. It sounds really new and different and really, really cool. More than anything, I'm really taken with Kite.

The first curtain call was a full cast song that featured TOP OF THE STAGE OF TENNIS (I think?). The second, Kaidou said thanks to his beloved Seigaku. Then they came into the audience! Since I was in an aisle seat, I got Marui, Momo and Taka next to me at various points.

Higa were so funny at curtain call. They never really bowed, just did this scary pose. They held hands really awkwardly with the Ichinen Trio and we all laughed over it. I... just... new favourites. So awesome.

This time, you'll be interested to note, the enquete asks how difficult it is to get tickets. Although I had no problems (I won the presale lottery!) this ONE time, I said it was really tough since it was for EVERYONE ELSE I know -- as usual! At least it finally occurred to them to ask. About time! Please, please, if you're going, fill it in and tell them what's it's like to get tickets for this thing!

The photosets are amazing! But isn't it cheating to have new photosets for characters that never actually appear? I was going to buy Ire's -- I was lauging at it before the show since it had a shoe about to come down on his head in his tennis shot. But he never appeared! I'm glad I waited. Probably the non-appearance of Rokkaku is old news for those who read spoilers though.

Kirihara // Kite // Niou // Yagyuu

I love the school uniform cosplay shots! I wish I could have afforded more. Hopefully someone else will scan or photograph theirs. Sharing what I have...

We were a little light on the flyers this time. The only one of interest was Pippin.
The Imp of the Perverse: Rin - tennisgiving_ground on 9th August 2007 13:39 (UTC)
The attitude is perfect. They're arrogant bastards, basically. All about the violent and underhanded tactics. (You know, totally unlike every other team in the series. Um. I mean...) Their manga chapters are... 251 onwards, or so, if you want to poke them a bit - though the actual matches are sort of on the painful side. (I get the feeling Konomi just wasn't trying. I get that feeling a lot, thoguh. I think Higa were potentially interesting and really got shafted. ... that does not sound quite right, but y'know. XD)
Williamgenkischuldich on 9th August 2007 13:46 (UTC)
Well, it's true that any team that isn't Seigaku is eventually going to get shafted... ;_;