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13 August 2007 @ 20:56
I went to a concert with my Japanese teacher on Sunday. It was pretty good and I enjoyed myself. Just like in Bleach myu, there was an extra twenty minutes or so of randomness at the end where the audience were encouraged to clap along to a famous classical piece (which was very familiar to me, but I don't know the name), guided by the conductor.

But! She is trying to get me to take the Level 2 JLPT. I can't do that! There's a huge gap between level three and two.

Er... I also suddenly decided I wanted to learn French a few days ago. This shouldn't really be so difficult since my beginning steps involve simply remembering what I studied in school. However, the online resources seem sparse compared to something like, say, Japanese. Perhaps it's because I know what to search for though (I would focus on particles and conjugation).

I liked this lesson.

I still have a vague wish to know Russian too...

До свиданияですよ *epic language fail*
Williamgenkischuldich on 17th August 2007 07:42 (UTC)
Okay, let's meet at the Yaesu Exit of Tokyo station at around 3.00? I will probably be early at that time, but at least I won't be late.

...I need to find mine! I still haven't fully unpacked... Teeny ones are probably okay, actually.
キモさ満々♡ 미친 외국인: arthur is a dorkdilettantka on 17th August 2007 07:44 (UTC)
Excellent! Are you going to send the RSVP email? :)
Williamgenkischuldich on 17th August 2007 08:01 (UTC)
Could you do it? I don't have regular access to my inbox since I'm at a net cafe.
キモさ満々♡ 미친 외국인dilettantka on 17th August 2007 08:08 (UTC)
Done! I'll let you know if I get a reply.
Williamgenkischuldich on 17th August 2007 08:10 (UTC)
Thanks! If you do get a reply, best to send it to my mobile though. ^^