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13 August 2007 @ 20:56
I went to a concert with my Japanese teacher on Sunday. It was pretty good and I enjoyed myself. Just like in Bleach myu, there was an extra twenty minutes or so of randomness at the end where the audience were encouraged to clap along to a famous classical piece (which was very familiar to me, but I don't know the name), guided by the conductor.

But! She is trying to get me to take the Level 2 JLPT. I can't do that! There's a huge gap between level three and two.

Er... I also suddenly decided I wanted to learn French a few days ago. This shouldn't really be so difficult since my beginning steps involve simply remembering what I studied in school. However, the online resources seem sparse compared to something like, say, Japanese. Perhaps it's because I know what to search for though (I would focus on particles and conjugation).

I liked this lesson.

I still have a vague wish to know Russian too...

До свиданияですよ *epic language fail*
azurewolf7azurewolf7 on 18th August 2007 05:03 (UTC)
Then that's the one I'll be aiming for when I do begin to learn Japanese- I'm studying to become a translator (English-Spanish/ Spanish-English)... and since I really love languages I want to be able to translate to and from as many languages as I can! :D (that's my super-optimistic side showing *whacks it*)

I have been trying to get into beginner French lessons at the Alliance Francaise here in Panama, but since I'm not beginner they keep telling me to go forwards instead of backwards... but truth is I'm not confident in my basic Grammar. So I found some podcasts! I haven't been able to listen to them yet, but they had good reviews. Would you be interested in them? I can listen to them and tell you if they're worth it.

Also... there are communities here at LJ for people studying languages. I'm sure they can recommend sites and stuff for you! Hope it helps! :D