William (genkischuldich) wrote,

On Wednesday afternoon, I met up with dilettantka and we went to the 100% Chocolate Cafe for lunch.

After that, we wandered around Tokyo Station trying to find... well, the place you can find frozen mikan, as Koyasu Takehito-sama described. dilettantka had eaten them before and said they were just as good as he'd made them out to be. Sadly, we failed to find any, just expensive gift shops.

After that, we went to The Pink Cow stupidly early for Dr Sketchy's, described as a "burlesque life-drawing class". Well, it always sounded like fun, but there was no way I was going alone! Luckily, I had dilettantka!

The first thing we saw when we got in was a man standing on the counter in a pirate bandanna who told us the theme for the evening was mermaids.

After that, we bought some food and drinks and dilettantka sketched me this amazing picture of Ryouma as a mermaid.

As we were doing that... guess what? A group of LJ people walked in! *waves to them* What a way to meet up...

The rest of the evening was great! It kicked off with a bunch of people carrying the mermaid in a net onto the table and we went through five one-minute sketches as she acted out different emotions. Then there were some two-minute sketches and we built up from there. One thing I noticed, was that I was genuinely getting better.

There were a couple of drawing contests and in the second one, I got called up on stage. The model had a water pistol and she was going to shoot anyone whose drawing she didn't like. She didn't shoot me and I won! I got a free Margarita for my troubles.

After that, a guy who'd been sitting on the other side of the stage approached me. He'd recognised me since we'd been to training together! So he joined our growing ranks...

(In the interval, they mentioned they were going to put together an art show and mentioned that if I wanted to, I could show works done at home or whatever. I'm sure they were only being nice, but it got me thinking.)

In any case, it was a fantastic night out and I'd recommend the Tokyo Dr. Sketchy's to anyone! They're held in cities all around the world, so look out for one near you. I hope they're as fun as in Tokyo. :)
Tags: food, japan life

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