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06 September 2007 @ 14:54
My week.

  • So, Saturday was a work-related horror (covered in a filtered post).
  • Sunday and Monday were my days off and pretty good actually.
  • Tuesday was tense at work and I have no idea if it had anything to do with me. I dropped my wallet in the street and spent most of the evening later, but I'd already filed a police report by then and asked at almost every convenience store on the way home.
  • Wednesday I was late to work. My alarm just didn't work. I went to Animate in Kichijouji to pick up WARD and found that Weiss Side B really DID end.
  • Today, I'm at an almost-abandoned net cafe to find out about the typhoon that's passing directly over Tokyo in about three hours. I have no tv or net connection, so...

    If the typhoon information changes, please text me, because I won't know otherwise! Thanks everyone! *hugs*

    (Hey, my photo of Matsumoto Castle was chosen as the Day on Earth photo of the day! That's nice, at least.)
    strawberryjoy on 6th September 2007 06:50 (UTC)
    I realise that this isn't the thing I should be asking about but...

    Side B ended?

    I guess Koyasu moved on; and I no longer have to worry about canon cutting through the Bunch.

    *hugs* for everything else, including crappy employers who haven't heard about things like staff induction and training.
    Williamgenkischuldich on 6th September 2007 06:55 (UTC)
    It's okay, it's the only reason I didn't lock the post. I think it was dying when it moved to WARD, to be honest. I wonder what I'm going to follow now? Would like to actually translate something, since I actually really enjoy that kind of thing,. Oh well. Maybe something will catch my eye.
    strawberryjoy on 6th September 2007 12:22 (UTC)
    Maybe a book, instead of a manga?
    Sharon: Beck Koyukisharona1x2 on 6th September 2007 06:56 (UTC)
    Wow, that's a gorgeous photo! Congrats on having it chosen.

    Stay safe!!!

    Williamgenkischuldich on 6th September 2007 06:58 (UTC)
    Thanks, on both accounts.

    (Where-oh-where is the CURRENT info on typhoons?)
    "It seemed like a good idea at the time."ladysunflow on 6th September 2007 08:14 (UTC)
    Did Side B ended with and actual ending, or did they just... stoppped?
    I'm so out of touch with what's going on in WK world :)))
    菖蒲eye_ame on 6th September 2007 08:43 (UTC)
    Weiss Side B really DID end.
    *dying for a translation* So, does it mean no more Weiss? Ever?..
    Linstarrbeam on 6th September 2007 09:08 (UTC)
    what happened at work? hope everything is ok.
    and if anything changes i'll text you
    (Deleted comment)
    菖蒲eye_ame on 6th September 2007 11:31 (UTC)
    Same here :) Sending good vibes from Russia!
    Daegaer: blueladydaegaer on 6th September 2007 11:53 (UTC)
    Commiserations for all the bad stuff :-( I hope things improve at work, and that the typhoon doesn't cause you too much trouble.
    amelia cavendish: xcantate aya ruinedyami_tai on 6th September 2007 12:20 (UTC)
    Congrats on the photo ^_^! I hope the typhoon doesn't cause you too much trouble.
    nekojitanekojita on 6th September 2007 13:03 (UTC)
    May you stay safe and dry, and your week turn around for the better!
    ^_^ /*: Chloe colorwhite_cross_b on 6th September 2007 14:02 (UTC)
    I'm SO sorry to hear about your week. It sounds as dreadful as mine is turning out to be, and now I just woke up to read the news about Side B and am just gutted by it. All that work on my website and now it's over. What am I going to do with no more Chloe? :'-(

    I hope you're staying safe. *squeesh*
    菖蒲eye_ame on 6th September 2007 14:06 (UTC)
    Don't say that, you're breaking my heart. How can it be "no more Chloe" when there's so much fiction to write and so many RPs to play? :)
    But I do know what you mean. It's like when as a child I was lefty home alone. Everything was the same and there was a plenty of fun but something was missing...
    ^_^ /*: Chloe B&Wwhite_cross_b on 6th September 2007 14:43 (UTC)
    It's breaking my heart too! Now I'll never get to find out how Chloe and Trabant met, which I've been dying to know. How am I supposed to work today when all I can do is mope?
    菖蒲eye_ame on 6th September 2007 15:02 (UTC)
    Well, I did not work today :))) So do follow my example :P
    bewsbudbewsbud on 6th September 2007 15:36 (UTC)
    I hope the work related difficulties have come to an end.

    Congratulations on your photo.
    I enjoyed reading the info you posted with the photo.

    Keeping my fingers crossed that you stay safe and dry.
    milli_zechs on 6th September 2007 17:31 (UTC)
    Weiss Side B ended? Aww..this news spoiled my day..

    Anyways, I hope everythng is fine with you there and the typhoon doesn't cause you much trouble! Sorry, I dont live in Tokyo so I can't tell you about the weather forecast or anything.

    Take care
    Thx=( (Weiss ended?;_;)
    golden_bastetgolden_bastet on 7th September 2007 01:07 (UTC)
    Well, congrats on the photo! it's always kinda cool when things like that happen. My one time in Japan I wanted to go see Matsumoto Castle, but we didn't make it over there.

    And be careful with that typhoon...

    And sad about Side B. I've only read the very beginning (it's hard to keep looking at pictures in one place and translation in the other and get the sense of the thing). I'll read it at some point, but I'll need lots of down time to do it.

    Well, we'll have to see what's up with Velvet Crack Underworld... Did Koyasu-sama say anything about Side B in his blog?