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23 September 2007 @ 21:47
To be honest, I'm miserable and drunk, because I found two spare Can Chu-Hi in the fridge... so I decided to translate Koyasu-sama's latest post. I wonder if it's more accurate than when I translate sober?

17th September 2007 (Monday) // That was fun.

A great big thank you to everyone who came to the "Shueisha Drama CD Festival". (●^ー^●) Did you enjoy it? Although I was only on stage for a short while, I had lots of fun, so I was happy.
We joked for a little about "frozen mikan" and "pants", until my throat hurt. (^-^) Reflecting, reflecting.
Anyhow, we talked about Neuro, Needless and other various works, so my deepest thanks for your support in these areas. m(__)m And thank you for the many presents I received. I loved every single one. (^-^)

And, in connection with Shueisha, there was information about one of my future roles.
I'm going to appear in "Bleach".
The character in question is a termite named Pesshe. Since I heard Bleach is popular amongst boys, I expected a high-energy MAX performance, but it's a gag character!
"What!? A gag character in Bleach? In that kind of show!?"
My character is a termite!
"No wa~~~~y!"
That's right! Gag character number one is this Pesshe guy. Of course, I mustn't make fun of him as he seems surprisingly cute. That's been the way of recent recordings. (^-^)
Since it's been a while since my last appearence, it seems people have been stirred into a frenzy. Thank you for your support!

Oh, I still have one more serious character left. (^-^) I will do my best to continue this trend. Keep it up too, God! ゜+。(*′∇`)。+゜

Sorry for not replying to comments. I really can't bring myself to put on a happy face right now. Please forgive me.
Thomas Vye: Apollo Mew!thomasvye on 23rd September 2007 13:04 (UTC)
Sorry to hear you're down. Me too. :(

:hugs: over whatever it is that's upsetting you and hope it goes away soon.
Williamgenkischuldich on 23rd September 2007 13:15 (UTC)
Thanks... I don't know whether it will go away or not. Future is pretty uncertain right now. Thanks for your concern. I hope things go your way too.
Thomas Vye: Apollo Mew!thomasvye on 23rd September 2007 13:24 (UTC)
Oh, I am just mewing over myself; bit of introspective self hatred for my Sunday afternoon, nothing serious. I'm probably just being a fool. ;)

Sound more serious for you; I know it's unlikely, but if there is anything I can do....
くらやみひみつkurayamihimitsu on 23rd September 2007 13:18 (UTC)
hey hun.. dunno if you got my text message or not.. but just to let you know, if you need me at all, in any way.. i'm here for ya okay? *hugstight* i'll help ya get through this. <3
Williamgenkischuldich on 23rd September 2007 13:29 (UTC)
I didn't... it ran out of battery. I will plug it in when I get home and see what you said. ^^

Thanks. *hugs*
くらやみひみつkurayamihimitsu on 23rd September 2007 13:33 (UTC)
pretty much the same thing.. *cling* i worry about ya hun.. We'll make things work okay? <3
(Deleted comment)
Williamgenkischuldich on 23rd September 2007 13:30 (UTC)
Thanks. *hugs*
菖蒲eye_ame on 23rd September 2007 13:43 (UTC)
And I would also say -- I just hope that whatever is troubling you will vanish ♥
Williamgenkischuldich on 23rd September 2007 13:47 (UTC)
Thanks... I rather think the company I'm working for WILL vanish. Haha.
milli_zechs on 23rd September 2007 14:52 (UTC)
Waaa!! Thanks for translating Koyasu-san's blog! So sweet of you! *hugs*
Btw, what's the matter? Is your job troubling you or something? I hope whatever it is, it just goes away.^^
Seeing you sad, makes me sad! I'll just pray that your happy moments come back to your life!^-^
And yeah, "Did anyone ever tell you,
Just how special you are
The light that you emit
Might even light a Star!"

Once again, arigatou 4 the post!!<3

Take care
Ja ne;)
Williamgenkischuldich on 25th September 2007 13:51 (UTC)
Yeah, it's job-related. There are some tough times ahead, that's all.

milli_zechs on 25th September 2007 15:53 (UTC)
Ah, okies. :(
*prays everything goes away*

Need any assistance? It'll be great to help you out if possible!^^

Ja ne;)
strawberryjoy on 23rd September 2007 14:53 (UTC)
As I was only skimming, I spent several minutes trying to work out why you'd appeared in a Bleach stage show (and not mentioned it before)...
Williamgenkischuldich on 25th September 2007 13:51 (UTC)
Haha. Sorry for the confusion!
nekojitanekojita on 23rd September 2007 15:30 (UTC)
A termite in Bleach? WTF?

*hugs* Hope things turn around soon.
Williamgenkischuldich on 25th September 2007 13:52 (UTC)
I think Pesshe might be a hollow. That's my guess, anyway! I don't know much about the series past the first few eps.
golden_bastetgolden_bastet on 23rd September 2007 16:31 (UTC)
Well, same as everybody else: I hope things get better for you, and your family's visit is going okay.

I just finished Bleach 20, and was about to make all these comments,... then realized that's Koyasu-sama (ALL HAIL) doing the role. *awww* :frowns:
Williamgenkischuldich on 25th September 2007 13:53 (UTC)
So he's appeared then? Who is Pesshe anyway?
golden_bastetgolden_bastet on 26th September 2007 00:07 (UTC)
Oh, no! Not yet. I just finished reading it, so I was going to go on about it.
Iczer6iczer6 on 23rd September 2007 19:06 (UTC)
I hope you feel better.
Williamgenkischuldich on 25th September 2007 13:53 (UTC)
bladderwrackbladderwrack on 23rd September 2007 21:05 (UTC)
You know, I totally didn't realise Chu-Hi was alchoholic until like the third time I drank it. Which, uh, explains a lot. (Me: *ah, I will space out sake cups with this nice soda!* *passes out*)

Dude, Koyasu's gonna voice Pesshe? *lololol* Although oooh, that sounds like they're going back to the manga storyline (don't know how far ahead they record episodes though).

:( I don't want you to suffer. I hope things improve for you.
Williamgenkischuldich on 25th September 2007 13:55 (UTC)
Haha. Actually, the warning for alcohol is written only in kanji, if I remember correctly. Explains a lot!

So who is Pesshe then? Why is he a white termite? I'm honestly wondering if I translated that correctly or not...
milli_zechs on 25th September 2007 16:54 (UTC)

Well, I guess you translated that White Termite thing correct because I read it on someother LJ communtiy too. Your translation can only be wrong..if that person got the word white termite from here xD

Ja ne ;)