William (genkischuldich) wrote,

To be honest, I'm miserable and drunk, because I found two spare Can Chu-Hi in the fridge... so I decided to translate Koyasu-sama's latest post. I wonder if it's more accurate than when I translate sober?

17th September 2007 (Monday) // That was fun.

A great big thank you to everyone who came to the "Shueisha Drama CD Festival". (●^ー^●) Did you enjoy it? Although I was only on stage for a short while, I had lots of fun, so I was happy.
We joked for a little about "frozen mikan" and "pants", until my throat hurt. (^-^) Reflecting, reflecting.
Anyhow, we talked about Neuro, Needless and other various works, so my deepest thanks for your support in these areas. m(__)m And thank you for the many presents I received. I loved every single one. (^-^)

And, in connection with Shueisha, there was information about one of my future roles.
I'm going to appear in "Bleach".
The character in question is a termite named Pesshe. Since I heard Bleach is popular amongst boys, I expected a high-energy MAX performance, but it's a gag character!
"What!? A gag character in Bleach? In that kind of show!?"
My character is a termite!
"No wa~~~~y!"
That's right! Gag character number one is this Pesshe guy. Of course, I mustn't make fun of him as he seems surprisingly cute. That's been the way of recent recordings. (^-^)
Since it's been a while since my last appearence, it seems people have been stirred into a frenzy. Thank you for your support!

Oh, I still have one more serious character left. (^-^) I will do my best to continue this trend. Keep it up too, God! ゜+。(*′∇`)。+゜

Sorry for not replying to comments. I really can't bring myself to put on a happy face right now. Please forgive me.
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