William (genkischuldich) wrote,

I think I'm back on track. Please don't worry. ^^

On Sunday, I took my parents, my little brother and his girlfriend to Harajuku. I love that place so much and they really wanted to see it. I assured my parents that sometimes you could see superheroes and samurai here. They looked at me as if I was joking.

Sure enough, out of the crowd, emerged a large man dressed entirely in white spandex, a mask and a cape and brandishing a whip. As he passed, I shouted out in Japanese, "Photo plz?". He stopped, posed, and I got one just in time. I love, love, LOVE Yoyogi Park on Sunday.

Next, we walked into a mikoshi procession (a type of shrine that is carried by followers dressed in festival outfits) and there was a man with two beautiful cats who were being taken for a walk. I stopped and stroked the one in a dress and he handed me their business card.

After that, we went to the NHK Studio Park. I'd never been there before, but I enjoyed myself. I just wish I'd had a chance to do the anime dubbing. It looked like fun and a real challenge for my Japanese, but no one else could read it and so weren't interested.

There was also a Laos festival being held! I ate Laos food, which was suspiciously like Thai food. I really liked it though. Red curry and holy basil chicken. Nice.

After that, I introduced them to karaoke, which they were a little dubious about since we have karaoke in Britain too. However, it's really different in Japan. It made me a little sad when we all sang "I Predict A Riot" by the Kaiser Chiefs because that song is so, so British. Anyway, I had lots of fun programming in songs that everyone could sing. When in doubt, pull out "Bohemian Rhapsody"!

Yesterday, on Monday, we took the boat from Asakusa to Odaiba. After that, on my brother's suggestion, we went to Joypolis. kuroe and my suggestions of the Fuji TV building were ignored completely. Oh well.

Joypolis is a huge indoor virtual reality theme park. I loved it and I could easily spend a full day there. When I get [a definite source of] money, I will! I'm not sure if my brother and his girlfriend enjoyed it to the same degree. It really killed my brother's enthusiasm when they were stopped at very first ride (24-themed) and told they really, really wouldn't understand it enough to play. Having said that, it WAS true. You had "24 hours" to stop Joypolis blowing up and had to run around the entire floor finding booths and solving clues entirely in Japanese. We came so close, but we still ended up blowing up the complex! Oops!

We also had a go at virtual bobsledding and won the race! Only afterwards did we realise that our only competion came in the form of a couple of ten year-olds. The two groups of adults were useless... Eep!

The Dark Chapel 3D ride was cool. While I was in line, I received a worrying voice mail from my boss and I exclaimed in exasperation to my husband "This is a NIGHTMARE!"... on cue, the bells tolled ominously. I had to laugh. The ride also has a pastede-on-yay het scene. The normally subdued Japanese audience all went "ehhhhhh?" and "bad feeling!". Even they didn't get it!

My favourite was the House of the Living Dolls. You're led through a dark room into a chamber surrounded entirely by dolls and listen to a drama through headphones which makes full use of the stereo sound. And... things move and explode around you. It's great! Only in Japan however, would the guide request that you bow to Kwannon on your way out.

Afterwards, we went to an izakaya. My parents and little brother and his girlfriend were impressed. At the end, we said our goodbyes. ;_; I took today off so I could see them to the airport, but they refused. They wanted a proper goodbye and sleep-deprived goodbyes at eight in the morning after you've been up for two hours already are no good!

Today I've mostly been writing. I'm almost there. I should finish the first draft by the start of next month, leaving November free for Nanowrimo. I wonder what I should write? Fanfic or origific? If I write lots of short stories (maybe ten lots of 5000 words pieces), I might have something saleable at the end. Is the short story option against the "rules"?

Anyway, time's up at this net cafe.

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