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For people skimming (^_~), this is Koyasu Takehito-sama's diary not mine!

24th September 2007 (Monday) // Welcome to Sega.

Today we shall talk on the topic of "Work came in the form of an amusing game. Eh? Really? What kind of game?".
First of all, in most games, the characters voices make up the bulk of the recording, but this time I was the voice of the game itself.
This was a medal game for a game centre (Incidentally, you can also find the Keroro medal game there). It was the successor to Bingo Pirates, known as "Bingo Galaxy".
And so I had to randomly chatter chatter chatter to the point of collapse for this medal bingo game. (^-^)
Furthermore, I had to be hyper-friendly so they needed me there rather than just using a machine voice.
Anyhow, it begins first thing in the morning by cheerfully greeting you with "Ohayou!", but also included is commentary on the four seasons until I couldn't take much more. My voice had to sound really upbeat for this medal game (hey, how much are they going to use?), "Bingo Galaxy".
Really, if you're the kind of person who doesn't go to game centres much, I'd like you to summon your courage just this once and give it a go. I think you'll really enjoy it! (*^_^*)
I think the crucial day of introduction will be before the end of the year. However, since you might be saying "I want to play NOW" and "I can't wait!", I've got some special top-secret information for you!
In fact, a certain game centre in Shibuya called "GIGO" is one step ahead and has already installed the machine!!
Since this is the only place you can enjoy it before its official introduction, please try it out if you're one of the people that live close by (I don't think it's the complete edition though).
I'm also going to secretly go and play it. ゜+。(*′∇`)。+゜ Oh, but I can't write about that here, can I? Well, if you see me, please feign indifference. I want to enjoy it too! o(^∇^o)(o^∇^)o Thanks in advance!

To everyone at Sega, please do your best right up until the official introduction.
I'm also looking forward to it.
I'm praying from my heart for it to become a big hit. (●^ー^●)

I haven't really been keeping up with anime news lately, have I? Truth to tell, my lack of ability to watch it has had a big effect on my interest...! But I can watch some early evening programs at the gym now. I burned 200 calories while watching D.Gray-man this evening!

From Moonphase:
  • NEURO site open. Koyasu Takehito-sama is the lead role! That's all that needs to be said. I hope it's enough.
  • Ending theme announced for Shion no Ou. How can an anime about shougi not be completely AWESOME!? Also... Also... NAKAO RYUUSEI-SAN IS IN IT! Paku Romi-san too.
  • There's a promo movie available for DRUAGA, billed as "TV Animation x Online RPG". It looks pretty cool and the animation is being done by GONZO, but with a start date of spring 2008, you're going forget you ever heard about it! To watch the movie, click on second red link in the information window.
  • Tennis no Oujisama fandisk details.
  • "Bokura no" goods pages. You, too, can be overwhelmed by the futility of human existence while drinking your morning coffee with our "Bokura no" mug!
  • Rosario & Vampire promo movie now available. I thought this looked good when it was first announced, but I can't say I'm interested anymore. All the girls are doing that idiotic "OMG, I've JUST noticed my skirt is too short!" pose. Seiyuu include Kishio Daisuke-san, Mizuki Nana-san and Seki Tomokazu-san.
  • Character designs released for Bamboo Blade. Not really a title I'm interested in...

    I've just had three days off in a row because of my typically irregular schedule when I'm working outside of the summer holidays. I'm a bit miffed that during this coming month I'll have a split weekend. That is, my days off this month will be Wednesday and Sunday. Roleplaying will start up soon, which will take Sunday. One of my friends from that wants to give us a TV, since he's ended up in the bizarre situation where he has three...

    In other news, I used these past few days to finish my book! Well, almost. I just have to get a translation of a paragraph. Then edit thoroughly and check my research!

    Even though it's not ready yet, I'm still investigating how to put together a query letter. When I had the internet at home, I used to read a lot of agents' blogs and I remember that many of them like rhetorical questions about the characters and many of them are sick of rhetorical questions about the characters. That should come in handy!

    I've hardly done anything at all, recently. Just divided my time up between writing, work and the gym.

    Need to keep writing, but what should I work on? It has to be something I can clear in less than a month since I don't want to have to think about another unfinished project when I'm doing NaNoWriMo.

    Speaking of NaNoWriMo, add me?
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