William (genkischuldich) wrote,

We watched a few more anime this evening. First up was "Chevalier" (two episodes), which seems to be about a conspiracy of alchemists, church leaders and zombies, featuring a man who turns into his older sister when he's angry. Okay, I tell a lie. He becomes possessed with the soul of his dead sister because of a crucifix that she gave him that he had forged onto his sword. The animation is good, done by Production I.G. Something seems a little "off" to me, maybe the zombies and French nobility lack verisimilitude. Seems okay so far though.

"Code Geass" had ONE EPISODE ON THE DVD. ONE!! I started reading the manga a couple of months ago since I wasn't able to watch the anime. I don't know if I posted about that or not. In any case, I gave up about ten pages into it because it was so trashy. And, let's face it, I have a high tolerance for trash! What I realised about the anime about ten seconds into it was that the manga was a direct copy of the anime rather than based on some of the ideas within it. The basic idea was still utterly moronic, but the dialogue had improved massively.

So. The idea is that Britannia is evil and has enslaved poor Japan, now referred to as "Zone 11". The Japanese people face a bit of an identity crisis at this point and adopt WW2-era slogans to express the idea that they are "Nipponjin" (note the slightly dated term).

One particularly memorable scene is when one of the rebel soldiers (whose side I think Lelouch is turning towards and therefore the "good" side) blows himself up shouting "banzai". I think this term is fairly well-known as being linked to WW2 kamikaze pilots, despite its adoption by Western pop culture. So that... well, I really can't explain it properly. That aspect of the anime made me uncomfortable. My country are the evil oppressors while Japan is modelled after what it was like in WW2? Huh?

I'll rent the next one, because there are certain aspects that appeal to me. It IS very pretty and I liked the way Lelouch smiled evilly just before the closing credits and think I heard mutterings on my flist about plot twists. Maybe it gets better? I wouldn't know after just ONE episode!

Now I'm at aionwatha's flat and have coffee... going to a Halloween party. Looking forward to it...
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