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I am getting annoyed with Nanowrimo. I haven't had a break from work since the beginning of November and I'm worn out and not getting anywhere with my "novel". At least, not at the pace I need to go at to make the 50,000. I would need to be writing over 2300 words a day to make it now.

So I'm not sure what I should do. I want to finish it, but at a more reasonable pace. Although I'll probably feel differently about it after it's "cooled off" for a few weeks, I quite like it now. If I finish it and then edit some bits, it would make an okay short story.

I suppose I should quit Nano and take a break, really, since I only have one day off this month. And on my one day off? I thought I would climb a mountain and see the autumn leaves... If anyone wants to join me, feel free. It's this coming Saturday, I think.

In other news, I actually got Tenimyu tickets on the regular sale date! It really was very bizarre. See, kurayamihimitsu and I agreed to try for tickets for each other. She would try for a Wednesday afternoon in the middle of the run and I would try for the morning of Christmas Day (not the final show, of course).

So, I tried that and the machine came back to me immediately that all tickets were sold out in about ten seconds. I tried for side seats and they were sold out too. So, noticing Loppi's unusual speed, I tried the opening show just for the sake of it. Side seats, just because I wasn't expecting anything major.

...I got them!

And, once again, Tenimyu proceeds to confound the laws of common sense.

It was my first day at the new job. It was pretty nerve-wracking, but I think I did okay.

At my on-the-job training, they sent me home with a bottle of wine. Can't be too bad...


I watched Ergo Proxy the other night. I liked it, since the music was really cool and it's fairly atmospheric, although it doesn't help that it seems to want to be the action movie version of Blade Runner (one of my favourite films). It doesn't seem to be as dark as the scenery would suggest. I think it might be that there's too much action and not enough angsty posing and minimalist dialogue. Haha.

I noticed that it's very clearly intended for the American anime market as there is never (rarely?) any Japanese text on screen and a ton of grammatically-correct English. I suppose it's licensed, subbed and finished with over there then. Anyone seen it?

Still, like Code Geass, it has only one episode per disk. Although actually, we got the second disk of CG and found out that it has three episodes now. An interesting choice on the part of the marketing department, I feel...

As recommended by ohhh... just about everyone on my flist, we watched the second disk of that. It's an extremely infuriating anime. On the one hand, it has a lot of the things I like in an anime, although I suppose the key one would be stupidly over-the-top revelations about the characters. But the excessive jingoism of the characters and the anime in general is annoying. I think I explained my thoughts on that earlier.

My feelings on Lelouch? Complicated. I don't think he's doing what he's doing because of his essentially patriotic nature (thank goodness) but because he's a bastard, which puts him ahead of almost every other character. I have a lot of love for crazy, evil characters and I think he'll be very much so once he hits adulthood. On the other hand, I don't like seeing my favourite characters too much. Characters work best for me when you want to see them more rather than less. I'm a little curious about Suzaku's connection to LeLouch. I mean, "Suzaku" is the red phoenix-like guardian from Chinese mythology and a red bird appears in Lelouch's eyes whenever he uses his powers. Coincidence? Cute little quirk? Significant?


Also, as usual, we got a wrestling PPV DVD. WWE are coming to Tokyo in February and we're going to try and get tickets (they're already on sale, but they probably won't sell out before the end of the year). I know it's not worth saying the next bit since no one on my flist will understand it, but... I'm so sick of The Undertaker. He always wins everything he's in. There's no surprise to it, no wondering. He always wins. And if he doesn't, then it's something "beyond his control", like the referee calls it badly or his tag team partner fails him.

For what it's worth, I liked Degeneration X because they're always quick to notice slashy undertones (if the event isn't being filmed!). Also Shawn Michaels is very easy on the eyes. There, I said it. There was an intense tag team match on the DVD we watched with Batista (I don't care for him), John Cena (ditto), Undertaker (bored now) and Shawn Michaels. It ended with Shawn Michaels all vulnerable and shaking from the beating he'd taken, held up only by John Cena. So cute. :P Err.. but where is HHH these days? We can only watch the PPV events because they come on DVD and have to mentally fill in the storylines.

I wonder if anyone understood any of that.


I just finished "Year of Wonders", which is a novel about the plague. I rather liked it, since the descriptive passages seemed more worthy of being described as Literature than anything else I've read recently and I loved the way the author talked about the colours and crispness of rural life. On the other hand, there were some parts that were a bit too vivid for me, usually involving bodily fluids (the heroine is a little too detailed about breast leakage and buboes). I was also a little skeptical about the way it ended, with the heroine running away and ending up as one of many wives in a harem, believing it was okay, because she could study medicine. Finally, the book ended up with questions for schoolkids. They were cunningly disguised as "Ideas To Talk About For The Reader", but I think we all know who they were aimed at. Lowered the tone somewhat.
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