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14 November 2007 @ 19:58
I'm sorry I haven't posted any translations of Koyasu Takehito's diary entries recently. I will try to get round to that. I've just notice that he's got a Christmas theme going now... Aww! (I saw a real Christmas tree yesterday and petted it like a cat. >^~^<)

In the meantime, he briefly talks about appearing at the Jump Festa on the NEURO stage on 23rd December (Sun).

I am SO there. I mean it this time. I have that day off!

22nd December (Sat)


Hitman Reborn
Kokubun Yukari-san
Ichinose Hidekatsu-san
Inoue Suguru-san
Kiuchi Hidenobu-san
Iida Toshinobu-san
Takeuchi Junko-san

Pyu to Fuku!
Fujiwara Keiji-san
Kanemaru Jun'ichi-san

L: Change The World
Fukuda Mayuko-san
(Plus other guest(s))

Sugita Tomokazu-san
Sakaguchi Daisuke-san
Kugimiya Rie-san
Chiba Susumu-san
Suzumura Ken'ichi-san
Oota Tetsuharu-san

To Love-ru/Trouble
Tomatsu Haruka-san
Watanabe Akeno-san
Yahagi Sayuri-san

Morita Masakazu-san
Orikasa Fumiko-san
Paku Romi-san
Itou Kentarou-san

One Piece
Tanaka Mayumi-san
Yamaguchi Kappei-san

23rd December (Sun)


Kobayashi Sanae-san
Itou Shizuka-san
Sakura Takahiro-san
Konishi Katsuyuki-san
Okiayu Ryoutarou-san

Irino Miyu-san
Hirano Aya-san
Masuda Yuuki-san
Ayano Mamoru-san

Ueda Kana-san
Yusa Kouji-san
Toriumi Kousuke-san
Yoshino Hiroyuki-san

Takeuchi Junko-san
Nakamura Chie-san
Inoue Kazuhiko-san
Sugiyama Noriaki-san

Morita Masakazu-san
Orikasa Fumiko-san
Paku Romi-san
Itou Kentarou-san

One Piece
Tanaka Mayumi-san
Yamaguchi Kappei-san

...I just finished typing out all those names and Kira's writing theme from Death Note popped up on my mp3 player. *smile*
Mai: sonokoszk on 14th November 2007 13:37 (UTC)
I am very sorry if the question sounds stupid... Do we need ticket for Jump Festa?
I am going, probably 23th, but this is my ABSOLUTE first time, so completely now idea what can I expect of....

BTW, is there any Prince of Tennis stuff?
I remember last year Aiba, Douri, Minami and Shindou Gaku were there.
The year before it was Shirotan and Yanagi...
Williamgenkischuldich on 15th November 2007 04:57 (UTC)
No, you don't need a ticket because the event is free. You will have to arrive early though! There are many stages, this is just the main one. I guess the others haven't been announced.

I saw the one two years ago -- there was Shirota, Yanagi and Katou. It was AMAZING! :P Those three are still amongst my favourites because of it.
Ananomoreprinces on 14th November 2007 15:30 (UTC)
I was wondering if he'd be doing Jump Festa since he's now officially in Bleach. He's so hilarious. Lucky you for being able to go.
Williamgenkischuldich on 15th November 2007 04:58 (UTC)
Well, I hope I can go, anyway! :)
swirly_ayuri: KoyaMidoriswirly_ayuri on 14th November 2007 22:36 (UTC)
...I am so jealous. All my fave seiyuu are going but I can't. T_T Looking forward to your event report~ (Er, there will be one, I hope?)
Williamgenkischuldich on 15th November 2007 04:59 (UTC)
Yes, assuming I can go! :)
misss_vampiremisss_vampire on 15th November 2007 17:40 (UTC)
waaaahhh yer so lucky, lets hope you can go! (and you actually have a day off! go for it!!!) damn, some day I gotta travel to japan, there's so many stuff I gonna do and see, lucky me here in Peru the Japanese embassy holds the annual Matsuri, which is as close as Japan as I can get now *lol*

And speaking of Koyappi sama as neuro, just recently I read Seki tomokasu appears in the sseries as well in ep. 6 as a stylist? *LOL* man, what's up with these two? I swear one way or another Koyasu and Seki always get to see eachother over seiyuu related stuff *chuckles*
(Anonymous) on 18th November 2007 05:10 (UTC)
I hope I can go too!

I don't know much about Neuro, only that Koyasu's in it.
Williamgenkischuldich on 18th November 2007 05:11 (UTC)
Sorry, that was me above, just not logged in.