William (genkischuldich) wrote,

It's my second year anniversary of being in Japan. I think this year I saw more friends and the times we had together were wonderful, even during the darkest days. Thank you all. :)

Recap of the previous year.

  • I took the JLPT3 and passed.
  • I went to Shinjuku and watched Bambino PLUS.
  • I saw the first Rikkai Tenimyu
  • I went to Nikko Edo Mura with yuki_scorpio and giving_ground
  • A Christmas miracle occurred and I got to see Rikkaimyu for a second time.
  • I went to one day of Winter Comiket.

  • I celebrated new year with friends.
  • I saw the very first Airmyu.
  • I saw ROCK MUSICAL BLEACH the LIVE Bankai SHOW code:001.
  • I played hanetsuki and won at karuta at the new year party.
  • I received my first(?) BPAL shipment.

  • I got a Mixi.
  • I practiced for my concert at a Noh theatre in Omote-Sando.

  • I performed in a Noh theatre in Omote-Sando as a flutist and singer.
  • I gave a speech in Japanese about Britain.
  • weissday happened.
  • I went to a public bath for the first time and discovered that harem anime didn't lie to me.
  • kurayamihimitsu took me to the 100% Chocolate Cafe.
  • I saw Bleachmyu.
  • I left Funabashi Minamiguchi and Funabashi Keibajo branches.
  • A show called "Velvet Under World" was announced.
  • My parents-in-law visited Japan.
  • I saw Dream Live 4.

  • I went to Talat for the first time.
  • My cat saw for the first time.
  • I was surveyed for a radio program "Jam The World".
  • I went on a monjayaki cruise around Tokyo Bay.
  • I worked my first day as an ALT in a junior high school [flocked, for obvious reasons].

  • I went to the most extravagant hotel I have ever seen for my school's opening party.
  • I saw the second Airmyu.
  • I went to the first festival of the season, in Ochanomizu.
  • I went to a Thai festival in Yoyogi Park with starrbeam.
  • I saw Bambino 2.
  • I met up with suthrnbellechan for the first time.
  • I attended school sports day.

  • I moved apartment.
  • Zombies attacked Tokyo.
  • I started tabletop roleplaying again.
  • I met the number one under-14 girls tennis champion in Japan and she played just like someone out of Tennis no Oujisama.

  • I received my first paycheck for writing something.
  • I went to a Bon Odori. One of my most amazing experiences in Japan.

  • I went to an Awa-Odori, the Sumida River firework display and the Nishidai fireworks display.
  • I saw the second Rikkaimyu.
  • I went to a classical concert with my Japanese teacher.
  • I went to a Gundam exhibition with gokumew2 and nitaspitas
  • I went to Matsumoto with kuroe.
  • I went to the 100% Chocolate Cafe and Dr. Sketchy's with dilettantka.

  • I gave a speech in Japanese to a community group.
  • I watched Japanese street performers instead of eating Meguro sanma.
  • My parents visited Japan. We go to Yokohama, Kamakura, Takaosan, Hakone, Odaiba...
  • There's the first real pay delay at Nova.

  • I finished writing my novel.
  • My Nice Boss rushes through the paperwork to get my visa and crabsushi looks after me in Shinjuku.
  • I saw the Shounen Onmyouji musical [You'll need to scroll].
  • I skip work and spend time with aionwatha and crabsushi when I finally have it confirmed that we're not getting paid.
  • I interview for another company.
  • I had some amazing Thai food at Talat with crabsushi, amazing kimchee nabe with kurayamihimitsu and more sketching with dilettantka.
  • I saw Switch wo Osu Toki [Scroll down].
  • I went to a Halloween party at a taco restaurant.
  • After all my trouble pushing the paperwork through, I got a three year visa.

  • I start at a new school, with a new company.
  • I went to an Ethiopian restaurant for my friend's birthday.
  • I ran four kilometres with my school kids as part of their marathon day.
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