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No one told me there was a "Harukanaru Toki no Naka de" stage musical...! Click on the right panel to see info about the actors, including in-character shots. The only Tenimyu boy whose name I recognised immediately was Juri, but there might be more?

I don't know half the names, but the pictures...!

More from Koyasu Takehito. The post after this is just someone laying down the rules about the blog. I don't think it's even Koyasu speaking, and so I didn't feel like translating.

I've caught a cold too, just like him, and I'm pretty feverish myself. I wonder if I'm worse translating now than when I was drunk? I think so...

17th October 2007 (Wednesday) // Busy.

Let's see if I can do a quick recap of all the many different things I've done lately. (^-^)

I ate fried gyouza after a long time. They were delicious.
Few understand why I love gyouza so much. They go well with beer! It's becoming a dangerous habit of mine. I'll eat until I become sick of it. (>_<)

I watched the TV drama Dream★Again. It's about a Major League player. I thought the man was a really good character, so I celebrated with beer!

Card Hero came out on the Nintendo DS! and when I heard this news, I started jumping. I read Famitsu in a state of confusion.
"Uoooooooo!" You have to see this if you call yourself a fan, it said, so is a sequel to this amazing game coming out? I have to buy this! I need to play this! Tell the truth, I was crazy about the first game. Because I collected the cards from the Card Hero card game. From now on, I can't help but look forward to it, so I drank beer!

As usual, all five of us gathered to record a Keroro Gunsou Christmas song. The recording was a lot of fun. I thought the result was really good, so of course I celebrated with beer! Alright!

I watched the TV drama I'd recorded, Galileo.
It was pretty funny.
I decided to buy and read the original work. The charming main character moved me. I want to act like that.

I read my diary out-takes once again. I was interested to read about the collapse of the Abe administration. Well, the people who can't read it won't see my unfinished opinions----. Ah, but that's why I rejected it.(LOL)

I watched only Animal Planet on CS.

I also want to see Space Shower TV on CS.

If I really think hard about it, there will only be new TV programmes broadcast next year.
Oh, I've been chosen for one more serious anime. It's a really good character and I've high hopes for the series. I'm seriously looking forward to it. With

this, I think my heart will finally calm. (^-^)

Let's celebrate with beer!
Yep, beer.(●^ー^●)

28th October 2007 (Sunday) // A bat!?

Oh! Since it has now been announced on the official site, I can give you the information myself too. (^-^)
I'm going to be appearing as Mystery Bat in the new program "Rosario to Vampire".
Of course, this was decided by the time of the Shueisha Drama CD festival, but because it hadn't been announced at that point in time, I couldn't say

anything. Ah, it was really frustrating.
And so after a frog, a cat, a rabbit and a white termite, I'm continuing with a bat this time? I wonder where on earth I'm going with this. (;^_^A
But this Mystery Bat is very cute. I wonder what I'll do with this role? I'm strangely tense and sweating over it. Whatever, I'm looking forward to it. (●^


Anyway, "Baccano" is gradually drawing to a close.The biggest section is already over, but I really loved my character, Luck. Even though my lines weren't

much, it reconfirmed that I loved him. He's COOL, nihilistic, cynical, smart and quietly scary. Of course, the character design is also good. I loved that

touch. It seems that characters like Luck don't come around often. (^-^)

Right now, I'm in the middle of playing "Archaic Shield Heat". Yeah, do your best, team!

For some reason, chili oil puts me in a daze! It must be because I'm not really good with spicy things. Is it because of the gyouza?

I always put lots into tamen is full of it, yeah? This time I stupidly bought chili oil at the convenience store and was amazed. That's my favourite way

to do it. (^-^)

I bought a box of Tirol Choco "Kyou Kinako".
But I couldn't eat it.

I caught a cold.
I was completely wiped out.
It still hasn't completely left me. Dammit! I'm pissed off! I want to perform in my best condition! It has to clear up soon. Ψ(`∀´#)

Ahh~ I want to visit Mount Fuji.

31st October 2007 (Wednesday) // Please?

Recently, a number of comments on this journal haven't been published. They were deleted. I'll never see them. Everyone, now I want you to read try to the warnings about what things are dangerous to talk about just once. Essays and excessive emoticons, amongst other things, will not be approved and posted, so please pay attention.★
"Well, but, it's excessive."
Yes, of course it's not the case that people are being held to a different standard and I think it's difficult to judge, but if your comment wasn't published... please try to think about it.
Please try to write carefully because if your comment isn't published, I can't read it. As everyone's comment adds to my energy, take sufficient care over your words and don't become sad.(●^ー^●)

Anyway, I have some info for you after that formal notice.
Jump Festa 2008.
23rd December (Sunday), I'll be appearing on the Neuro Stage. Please come to the Christmas live. I'm wa~iting. (^-^)

I'm feeling better after the cold.
I've got my energy back. Thank you. (^ε^)-☆Chu!!
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