William (genkischuldich) wrote,

I have two days off, starting from tomorrow! These were announced somewhat unexpectedly -- last week I was told that [something was happening at work] which meant I wouldn't be needed on those days.

Last Saturday, I didn't work either because of [a scheduling issue] too. I could have worked at a different time, but accepted it as fate telling me I should have at least one day off in a month. And now these two days! Three days off in a month! I think the universe must be trying to tell me something.

Today, I ate sushi for the first time in ages. I was the only customer, so everything was custom-made for me and it was great!

I'm doing well at my second job, I think. I had a problem, but it was sorted. Generally, I'm feeling positive about the world.

I have to get a new mobile phone! My current one is not working anymore and I need to get one for work and friends. I'm so cut off otherwise... But it's so confusing. I don't understand any of the new plans at all. It seems that the shorter the length of time you hold on to any particular model, the cheaper it is. That doesn't make sense! Can someone please explain the system to me?

I went to DnD last night, which made me feel a little sad because everyone else was staying for an all-night session. One of the players has made a miniature of my character, which is really cool. He even added a musical instrument to the character base. Incidentally, the same guy is the one that showed us the Mr T advert mentioned below.

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  • Mr T stars in a World of Warcraft ad.
  • Shatner stars in a World of Warcraft ad.
  • Some pretty ZERO fan art was posted in raburesu: Zero as J rockers.
  • It was announced on the cover of LaLa magazine that Hino Matsuri-sensei's Vampire Knight will become a TV anime.
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