William (genkischuldich) wrote,

I went out with kurayamihimitsu on Tuesday. Other than that, things are the same as usual. I'm just trying to get enough sleep and failing...

At the internet cafe just because it's warm.

Anyway, here's Koyasu's diary. I translated the warning about using e-mail addresses after all. I think a lot of his talk about percentages was lost on me though. Sorry.

5th November 2007 (Monday) // Please, everyone

Our terms of service were written in order to preemptively prevent trouble caused by the use of e-mail addresses on this blog and so please hold back on publishing your e-mail address. When you include your e-mail address, unfortunately everything is targeted for deletion.
If you want to get a mail saying "Your comment won't be published," then by all means give your e-mail address. Please leave the e-mail address box as an empty field.
Although it would be best to customise this page and make the e-mail address field vanish, we're unable to do this right now and we apologise deeply for this, but please post with an empty field every time.

Those terms of service points have been written separately and in detail so that this blog can keep running and so please be understanding and work together. It will get a lot colder from now on, but everyone can come and join this blog indoors in the warmth...

13th November 2007 (Tuesday) // Cold time

Outside, it's completely changed from autumn to winter.
My muffler is perfectly wrapped around my neck like armour.
This is the kind of cold that completely sinks into me. My round face makes it look like happiness has arrived. Sweetly, time is full of bittersweet memories as summer has galloped by and now it's time for the one that I refer to as my beloved friend, he of the orange-coloured jacket that really suits him.
He has returned to me, no, to my town's convenience store that has temporarily been called Sankus!! That's right! That thing! It has held a monopoly on my heart since the 'kachin kochin' version that squirts juice into other people's eyes when you poke a finger through the skin.
"Frozen mika~~n-sama!" "Mika~~n Frozen!" "Kami~~n Frozen!"
He's has appeared before us once more~~ \(^O^)/
Surely you can enjoy frozen mikan-sama in this slightly cold winter, for example if you're enjoying Okada-kun in the drama "SP" and think the drama's really interesting. If you're playing a computer game, Yangus' Mysterious Dungeon for the second time from the beginning and it's still amazingly cool. Let's write down our ideas! How about it? Will you tell me?
Let's use our imagination.
On top of everyone's favourite slacker's kotatsu, let's not enjoy one of those common, unfrozen things, but a beautiful frozen mikan-sama instead.
In the kotatsu's heat, nature and the thawing of the frozen mikan-sama! Burning hot kotatsu and sparkling cold frozen mikan-sama. (≧▼≦)
Ah, it's wonderful frozen mikan-sama Life★
(Note: Even though there isn't a kotatsu in my house.)
Viva frozen mikan-sama!
Banzai! I don't understand a thing when it comes to this frozen mikan! \(^O^)/

Well, something like that.

22nd November 2007 (Thursday) // Influenza.

I got my influenza shot today.
I'm embarrassed to admit it at my age, but I hate injections!
Because they hurt. (>_<)
When I was in school, I used to give lots of excuses to allow myself to run away without getting them. Now, as you'd expect of an adult in this kind of work, I can't do that. I get injected every year and it's not forced and is of my own free will. Thanks to this, I've been able to hold off influenza for many years. I think that's pretty amazing, even if I say so myself. (Although the hole in my arm really hurts)
However, it seems like there are many types of influenza and every year they predict how it will develop and create a vaccine. But if you have an injection, it's futile. Furthermore, for example, if even if the predictions are correct, they can only protect you by a probability of 75%. If 75% seems like a good number, but 25% isn't effective, you might consider stopping injections. By the way, is it just me or a hit percentage chance of 75% in Fire Emblem rarely successful? (T_T)
Well, it's a percentage. And I've hit with a 25% chance before. (^_^A
Nevertheless, whether the results are "off" by 75% or 99.999%, it's the same.
It's not 100% and everyone's the same. (T_T)
Ahh, I feel so sad suddenly.
Please, God. In pachinko it's great when the certainty of continuing play is around 75%, so it's okay if somehow influenza is the same.
Please let me be right about this. m(__)m

A kotatsu is a kind of heater built into a table.
Pachinko is a game where you buy lots of silver balls, you put them into a machine, they fall down, you lose and then you buy lots more silver balls and put them into the machine again. I don't know anything about it...

If anyone wants to do something in January, please tell me as soon as you can since I have to sort out my work schedule this weekend.

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