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4th December 2007 (Tuesday) // Persona--!

The Christmas illuminations in town are still looking beautiful, so I wonder if it's okay to talk about the coming year? (^-^) I hope so-! Next year, from January, a new anime called "Persona Trinity Soul" will start.

In this work, I will be performing as the eldest of the Kanzato brothers, Kanzato Ryou, who is a police chief. I've heard that this Persona uses the Persona 3 game as a base and expands it in the anime.

Whether you loved the game or you're new to Persona, I think this is a work everyone can enjoy, so please look out for it. (^-^) Well, speaking of Persona, I don't know if you're aware of it or not, but I previously played the protagonist, Suou Tatsuya, in the game "Persona Tsumi/Batsu". That character is completely unrelated to this anime. And yet, I'm very very uplifted that I can still appear in my beloved Persona.

When I was recording Tsumi/Batsu, the subject of making an anime at the same time came up, but unfortunately our wish didn't come true, precisely because it wasn't strongly connected to the others. It would be terrible if those who could watch were completely confined to this setting (Something that has happened many times to me). Feel free to try it out.

Please support us! Oh, but it's okay to forget about Persona Ondo. (●^ー^●)

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