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Thanks for your kind thoughts everyone... particularly the anonymous who got me a nice hug for my profile. I don't know who you are, but it was really appreciated. *hug*

Luckily, I spent some time with kurayamihimitsu this afternoon/evening and felt very much refreshed after that. She took me to this great Thai place in Omote-Sando. Of course, Tenimyu had a little to do with it too (perhaps not as much as she thinks though...).

My favourite myu is probably Rikkai Second Service, since it was more even, but this one hit some GREAT highs. It was just a little uneven. Strangely though, I came back from this myu feeling more excited than I'd previously at a Tenimyu. Maybe it was the opening scene...? Or the Higa dance routine which, if not the number one best scene in any Tenimyu EVAH, has to be in the top three?

Once thing to mention is that Baba Tooru-kun seems to be injured. He took part in the speaking sections and a few of the more static dances, but sat out of the energetic ones.

Well, J thought he was cute. I guess he has what you'd call raw talent. He's a strong singer and I think he'll turn out well.

We loved him! He's an amazing singer and really looks the part. He looks as if he's been doing Tezuka for a while... I can't believe this is his first performance! If he has a weak point, it's his dancing.

I quite liked his body language when he and Kaidou fought the two-second match (the Higa members they were supposed to be facing didn't even appear). Otherwise, no strong impressions, really.

Seemed to get on well with Ryouma. I liked him.

A very strong voice (too strong occasionally?) and did pretty well.

Reminded me of Aiba (no bad thing, to me!). Had a nice sense of comic timing.

Ah... well... really... we didn't like him as much as we could have done. I realise that Kikumaru is a little out of sorts in this arc and this actor does Kiku-angst okay. However, he wasn't that energetic and a little flat in his singing. I think there's a part for him, but Kikumaru isn't it. I'm sorry!

I liked him very much! He seemed to have a strong chemistry with Tezuka.

  • The opening scene had Kaidou (Yanagishita-kun) and Yagyuu come onstage wearing each other's clothes. Yagyuu gives him a bit of training and they imitate each other's moves. Then, to change back, they have to switch shirts... They both have very impressive abs! (We were actually wondering if the Seigaku member changes each time. J compared it to Airmyu when we thought Kaito pulled a girl out of the audience in every performance when it was really just our one.)
  • The bestest scene EVAH was during Kai's match. We noticed Kite and Rin wandering off... and they came back with swords. THEY WERE PIRATES!!!! Kai got a pirate's hat and Chinen and Tanishi got huge pirate flags. The song and the dance were the most wonderful, dorkiest thing ever. The applause was massive. Afterwards, Kai had to return the hat to Kite so he could continue the match and Kite looked so annoyed about it. Although, they seemed to be singing about Vikings...
  • There was a nice moment between Jutta-kun and Nakagauchi-kun at the curtain call. They were touching each other's hand and wriggling them together as if they were surprised they were touching.
  • The scene with Ooishi drawing the match when Tezuka appears was fun. Same for when he faced Tezuka at school. They seem to get along really well.
  • There's a Tezuka Zone song complete with background graphics and Tezuka moving around the court on a big platform. That last thing didn't look too good, but the rest was great.
  • Tezuka/Kite's match was beautiful... I really like Kite and I think he's a great dancer.
  • Kite and Chinen are fabulous.
  • F-G-K-S was the encore. The clapping is too difficult for me... ;_; We had Rin nearest us. I didn't notice many repeated songs from previous myu except for the Higa theme being reused slightly. There was this one song where we couldn't figure out the main lyric which we THINK was English. Suggestions were "Heat da!" "Heater!" "Beat Up!" "B-Cup!" and "Forward My Men!". I'll leave it up to you to guess which were mine and which were were J's.
  • pirates

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