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"A Criminal Is You!"

One Friday night, it was my school's bounenkai, which is a special kind of Japanese party that happens at the end of the year, usually compulsory and expensive. If you're a foreign, however, it's usually not quite so compulsory. But I went anyway.

On the day of the event in question, one of the teachers just so happened to mention what we were going to be eating shabushabu with fugu.


They were actually pretty surprised that I'd heard of it, and asked me what the name was in English. Well, I told them that the food fugu was "fugu" because it was a Japanese idea to eat it and the fish itself was "pufferfish". I explained that it was famous overseas. "For the taste, right?" they said. Unfortunately, I had to tell them the truth.

They laughed at my fear of dying from it...

As you can see, it's pretty much as described in the Wiki article. The fugu is thinly sliced and you can see the plate through the design. In the centre are cut vegetables and cooked fugu skin. I heard that was also somewhat poisonous (though not nearly as much as the liver!), so I didn't eat it.

The fugu was delicious! It's a little softer than engawa and you can feel a slight "tingling" sensation on your tongue (yep, that's the poison!). Very, very interesting.

On Saturday, I went to Jump Festa. I had a quick flick through the pamphlet they gave us at the door and the first thing I saw was that Tuti was going to be singing karaoke in fifteen minutes!

...and it would cost 3000 yen.

I made my decision and I don't regret it. :P The idea was two Burimyu boys (Tuti and Kengo)would go up against two seiyuu from Blue Dragon. They had to choose a Christmas-themed song each.

Kengo sang "Itsuka no Merry Christmas" and was a really smooth singer. He likes karaoke, it seems, although he kept pausing, thinking the song was over when it wasn't. Tuti, for his part, giggled all the way through it and encouraging the crowd. In the end, his score was something like 90 points.

The girls from Blue Dragon were up next and, although they could do their roles skilfully, I have utterly no interest in that anime.

Anyway, finally it was Tuti and he chose "White Love", if I recall correctly. The stage hands made space for him and I knew something special was about to happen. He took off his jacket and Kengo draped a white bathrobe over him. He was now a Rock Star and danced and did these little hand movements depending on the lyrics. Kengo came and waved the back of his robe to look like a wind machine at one point. Tuti also demanded that we get out our mobiles and wave the illuminated screens in the air, just like at a concert. And, because it was Tuti, we did it. It was faintly ridiculous under the bright lights of Makuhari Messe! Overall, the feeling was amazing! Random things: he doesn't have a TV and watches everything on his computer. He also mentioned that he "flew" in Burimyu and wearing a safety belt was scary. Oh, and he also got 90 points.

After that, we looked around and got lots of free stuff including promo items for L: Change The World. It looks like it might be an interesting film(?) and I have a mask similar to the one L wore in the movie and a L clear file.

Next, we had a quick look at the Tenipuri handshake event starring Suwabe and Kiuchi. It was really strange to hear Atobe's voice coming from Suwabe... Anyway, once they'd done the preliminary talk, we left. We hadn't bought the required Stuff to be allowed to shake their hands... :P

We looked around a bit more and did a cool Neuro-themed treasure hunt, which I'm calling "A Criminal Is You!" because it amuses me. That's basically the catchphrase of the anime/manga. Anyway, you go through three checkpoints, find out that the criminal was a male wearing a school uniform, check the profiles and you've found the right person. And for our trouble... we got a Neuro business card! YAY!

On Sunday, I went on my own. I got there just in time to see the first Tenimyu stage, which featured Luke.C, Sakamoto Shougo and Watanabe Daisuke. Ah... they were amazing! Watanabe says he is part himself and part Tezuka. He was lots of fun and, as I saw in the second stage of the day, is starting to get the hang of fanservice. :P

Luke.C is possibly the most energetic person I've ever seen. He'd just randomly wave to the audience and shout "YAY!" and "Daisuki" at us and encourage us to be even louder. Ah, I really like him! He absolutely insisted that Ryouma was cute. Outgoing in a very likeable way. I want to see more of him.

After that, I saw about half of the Eyeshield 21 stage. I thought the mangaka was very talented, but I was really just getting my place for the Neuro stage with Koyasu Takehito. Oh, but Yamaguchi Kappei (Sena in WK) was there too.

The Jump Stage was... okay. The seiyuu rose from a pit in the back of the stage, but the audience was massive it was difficult to see or feel anything. There was a pretty funny clip where the mangaka showed how he created his art.

First, he used pencil.
Then, he went over it in pen and rubbed out the pencil.
Finally, he cooked seafood nabe, put the artwork into the pot, waited three hours, and it came out complete with screentones!

I have high hopes for Neuro, but I'd like to see the seiyuu more energetic. Koyasu seemed tired.

After that, I dashed to the drink stand in another hall and back for the second Tenimyu performance. Same cast as before. Opened with On My Way and finished with F-G-K-S. They showed clips from the press conferences and some more pre-filmed questions from other Tenimyu actors (all current cast). If they had a day off, Sakamoto would play tennis with his friends, Watanabe would watch DVDs at his home and Luke.C would go to Disney Sea. Alone, but not lonely. One of the questions was actually a request for Luke.C to sing his audition song which was *GASP* English! He sang "A Whole New World" (Aladdin) for everyone.

...I'm slowing down, aren't I? So tired...

Anyway, there were lots of hugs for Sakamoto from Watanabe and Luke.C kept insisting Ryouma was very cute, while Sakamoto and Watanabe kept insisting they were merely in character. There was this adorable bit where Luke.C hugged Sakamoto and Watanabe got all jealous. Ah... it was great. Those three have a really good chemistry.

Next, was a Neuro stage in the same place. I was utterly drained, standing in the same place for hours and in a very arid atmosphere. Everyone was crowding in, so they even had to do active crowd control. Koyasu and Ueda Kana came on. The stage was actually to promote the Neuro game and so they gave a lot of time to the producer.

Then, they played it. It looks like one of the dumbest, most pointless games I've ever seen. Now, admittedly they were playing the mini-games, but still. You'd show your best stuff, wouldn't you? It was kind of amusing to see Koyasu fail them, but apart from that...

After that was Shindou Gaku's Web Radio section, but I didn't stay. I had to get out of that crowd. I went to the nearest wall... and saw Koyasu coming out from behind the stage! A lot of other people were waiting, so he was very quickly hurried away.

That's all for now, I think. I have a day off tomorrow too!
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