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28 December 2007 @ 22:51
I went for Christmas dinner with kuroe and we were able to have all-you-can-eat turkey. It's a little difficult to get in Tokyo!

However, because it was an American restaurant in Japan, it had a lot of strange dishes alongside the turkey, stuffing, roast potatoes, turnips and brussel sprouts... We also ate ebi-fry, couscous, pakora, fresh mozzarella/tomato and fried aubergines.

I've been thinking about New Year Resolutions and I also saw this forum promoted in a post from the Nanowrimo organisers.

Well, I was going to try some pretty major things anyway. :)

1) Get better at Japanese.
2) Learn to recognise words in Russian apart from Weiss Kreuz names. In other words, master the writing system at the very least.
3) Get an agent and/or publishing contract. Or a short story published. SOMETHING!
4) Learn origami. A teacher at an elementary school gave me a pack of origami paper and it just so happened to have instructions in it. I was thrilled with what I was able to do, even though my duck looked like a swan and my crow looked like a penguin.
5) Travel to an Asian country.
6) Go to an onsen in Hakone.
7) Go to the gym regularly.

...No particular order, by the way.

More from Koyasu Takehito-sama!

13th December 2007 (Thursday) // Excited.

Awesome! Incredible!
Amazing, heart-pounding excicicicitement! o(^∇^o)(o^∇^)o
When I think about work, my spirits soarsoarsoar--!
First, "Yu-Gi-Oh" episode 170.
I was happy to resume my role of Saiou after such a long time and I couldn't believe I was able to take part in another duel! Furthermore, it takes place over two episodes! There's no mistaking the fact that a super high-tension battle is about to unfold! I'm burning at the thought-!
And there's one more thing.
"Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro" episode 16.
The criminal in this episode makes an amazing entrance!
No way, no way.
To be able to see a performance nailed like that in a session was so much fun, so much fun. (^3^)/
I'm so glad I did Neuro! And so I've no choice but to do Koyasu!Neuro right. Really, the joy of being an actor is consuming me! Even now incredible guest stars are coming because Neuro is fantastic. Neuro is going through this wonderful time and I hope it can continue. What a thought. (^-^)
Anyway, it's possible it could continue for a long time with a continuous series of villains.
Such hopes for this series!
It's awesome! Such excicicicicicicicitement! ヾ(=^▽^=)ノ

16th December 2007 (Sunday) // A strange feeling.

Since Bingo Galaxy has been released all over the country, I went to a game centre during a break from work. I wanted to play the real thing.

There was something strange about it~ (^-^)

I've got used to hearing my voice from the TV, but hearing it from a unit in the game centre...

There was something strange about it~ (^-^)

I recorded many samples, but I get the feeling that you don't get to hear many in regular play. Next time, I'll make some time to play it properly.
At any rate....

There was something...


24th December 2007 (Monday) // Merry Christmas★.

First, to everyone who came to Jump Festa...

Thank you!

To my kittens, who came from distant prefectures and countries, in the rain, in the cold and through many other hardships, I really mean it when I say...

Thank you (o^∇^)o~☆

And to all those who gave me presents especially...

Thank you(^-^)

Well, today is Christmas Eve. I'm not doing anything special, but to the gentle hearts who sent presents to my office...

Serious thanks.

Although I got many presents this year, I was very surprised that someone got me a "kotatsu".
Because of the wooden flooring in my home, it was a little difficult to find a place for it (LOL) Nevertheless, I have put it in its proper place and can't stop smiling at the sight.
At any rate, to everyone...

My honest thanks\(^O^)/

Merry Christmas★

Merry Christmas☆

26th December 2007 (Wednesday) // Card Hero

It's as fun as I expected. (≧▼≦)

Should I connect it to the net?

But, if I did that, I'd never leave the house.
How worrying~(><)

I see a lot of talk around this time of year, when the Christmas fics come out, about how each one is culturally misinformed and "the Japanese just don't celebrate Christmas". This isn't really true, so I decided to make a short list of the things that you might expect to be different, but aren't and vice versa.


Turkey is difficult to get, but not impossible. You have to one of the big supermarkets (such as Aeon) to find it. Additionally, all of the papers that cater to foreigns have lists of restaurants that serve turkey dinners. A huge number of restaurants and hotels do Christmas dinner, but many of these don't have turkeys and begin with a starter of pate. Anyway, most people settle for chicken. You can find people serving cuts of it in the basements of the big stations (Shinjuku, for example). The most common thing to do though, is to go to KFC! However, if you want their Christmas chicken, you have to reserve it. It's a common sight to see huge crowds of people lined up outside KFC on Christmas Eve. They had turkey this year too, but that's a new development.

Christmas decorations

Christmas decoration in shops go up early, on November 1st. The only reason they don't go up any earlier is because of Halloween! They have the usual Christmas goods and Disney features prominently. Some have a small selection of new year goods, but these won't take over the shop until December 26th. In central Tokyo, all the big shopping areas (Ikebukuro, Shibuya, etc) have Christmas trees and lights. They even put tinsel in the vending machines. Places outside central Tokyo don't have so much. In my town, the usual piped music changed to Christmas songs and a Christmas tree appeared a little off from the main street, suggesting that it was paid for by the traders, not the city itself. For what it's worth, the Shinto shrine near my house has a few lights too.

Christmas cake

Christmas cake is really popular! But it's usually strawberry sponge cake. There are rarely Christmas characters on top, just strawberries. Like KFC chicken, you have to reserve it.


The most-hyped thing this year is "Mugen Puchipuchi" which means "infinite bubblewrap". You have an electronic device on a keyring and if you press any one of the buttons it'll make a sound like bubblewrap.

Just throwing that one out there. ;) Sound perfect for Aya, doesn't it?

Christmas pudding

It doesn't exist and you can't buy it anywhere. Most Japanese people believe that "pudding" is the same as "purin", a creme caramel-like dessert, anyway.

Christmas trees, poinsettia

Japanese florists ARE busy around Christmas! Most have a handful of fake Christmas trees and a couple have real trees (small) for around 4800 yen, which is about 48 US dollars or 24 pounds. The most common plant is the poinsettia or any old red and green plant.

Being alone at Christmas...

...is Serious Business! Christmas is for couples here and so it's very sad if you don't have a date on Christmas Eve. A common date would be "Tokyo" Disney (it's really in Chiba.).


Disney is, to my mind, behind the drive towards Christmas merchandise. So until recently, the Christmas symbols used in Japan were pretty much governed by Disney as other Japanese companies started copying them. It was rare to see Santa hats without Mickey ears. As you might expect from a corporation, we see no directly-religious symbols, only Christmas trees, presents, Santa and Mickey. So no angels, holly/ivy, stars or crosses.

Office parties

Office parties are compulsory at Christmas! They are called "bounenkai" and are to commemorate the end of the year. They involve going to a restaurant of varying expense, buying the food plus a "nomihoudai" (all-you-can-drink) package and playing a few silly games. As I posted, I went to a traditional place that sold beautifully-presented poison deathfish and played bingo with party hats, but I saw another group out the other night who were going to a much cheaper shabushabu place. Anyway, getting drunk is a must.


Advertising is rarely Christmas-related unless it's for English schools or Disney. Most focus on snow and onsen. At this time of year you see a lot of posters for places a couple of hours travel outside Tokyo that are famous for their onsen (hot springs/spas). They usually show a steaming onsen surrounded by snow. New year is the time for travel. Currently, one well-known coffee brand shows someone drinking in the snow and the other shows the main character being warmed up in the cold by the coffee. I should probably point out that coffee is frequently drunk outside, from heated cans, straight from the vending machine.

Anyway, next time you see a WK fic where Weiss actually celebrate Christmas, maybe remember it isn't too strange. ;)

...Maybe I should post this somewhere? It seems kind of useful, maybe.
Ariss Tenohariss_tenoh on 28th December 2007 12:13 (UTC)
Interesting details. Very handy for anime fic^_~
Williamgenkischuldich on 28th December 2007 12:19 (UTC)
I hope so! :)
nekojitanekojita on 28th December 2007 12:21 (UTC)
I second the 'very handy details' comment! I hope you enjoyed the holiday! And now you've New Years to look forward to.
Williamgenkischuldich on 28th December 2007 12:29 (UTC)
Thanks! You too! :)
strawberryjoy on 28th December 2007 14:05 (UTC)
Travel to an Asian country.

Korea!!! (or Taiwan) I could give you cultural tips culled from drama series...^^

Williamgenkischuldich on 2nd January 2008 05:40 (UTC)
I was looking more at the Philippines or Thailand. The latter I'm basing more on the food than anything else.

But, yes, Korea... Hm...
Sharon: Bakumatsu Akizukisharona1x2 on 28th December 2007 18:34 (UTC)
Your list about Christmas in Japan was very interesting. Thanks for sharing all that!
Williamgenkischuldich on 2nd January 2008 05:41 (UTC)
You're welcome! :)
(Deleted comment)
Williamgenkischuldich on 2nd January 2008 05:42 (UTC)
Halloween is bigger here (in the cities, anyway) than in my home country of Britain. Most Americans are very surprised at that. :)
菖蒲eye_ame on 29th December 2007 06:48 (UTC)
Being alone at Christmas...

...is Serious Business! Christmas is for couples here and so it's very sad if you don't have a date on Christmas Eve.

So next time I see a fic where Вайсс celebrate Рождество (here's how you learn to recognize words! :)), I should know Ая is sad he's not with his mailbox? :))
Williamgenkischuldich on 2nd January 2008 05:43 (UTC)
Exactly! I would imagine a mission on Christmas Eve would be quite traumatic! ;)
菖蒲eye_ame on 2nd January 2008 05:44 (UTC)
Aya hitting all the mailboxes on his way? :)
1978jul04 on 29th December 2007 07:58 (UTC)
Speaking of Russian. :-)
May I translate the part of your post about Christmas in Japan into Russian, please? The first-hand information would be very useful for people here.
Thank you.
Williamgenkischuldich on 2nd January 2008 05:44 (UTC)
Feel free! Let me know if there are any difficult phrases -- I fear some may be quite unique to me. For example, "poison deathfish" is fugu.
1978jul04 on 3rd January 2008 16:54 (UTC)
Thank you. I figured that out. :-)
The translation is here.
Williamgenkischuldich on 7th January 2008 07:10 (UTC)
Thanks, that was really interesting (I Babelfished it. :P). I know that idiolect is one of the most difficult things to deal with when translating, that's all. ;)
tirwolftirwolf on 30th December 2007 09:49 (UTC)
Sorry that I haven't been commenting much. Think it's been ages actually. Thanks for the Christmas info. Never really knew how or if the holiday was celebrated there. Not surprising I suppose that Disney is a major theme.

Do you find a lot of American foods there: potatoes, meats, cheeses & such? Just curious. When I visited the British Isles back in the late 70's I was surprised at how expensive & "scarce" milk & ice cream were. Here we really do take it for granted. Umm, this is going to sound really dumb, I'm sure, but what is Christmas pudding? It wasn't something I have ever had at a relatives or friends house. Honest!

Hope Train is doing well. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you & yours!
Williamgenkischuldich on 2nd January 2008 05:47 (UTC)
No worries -- commenting isn't compulsory!

Really? I guess it was useful after all. It's pretty easy to find American food here, but you have to pay the price for it. The most expensive things are fruit, veg and cheese. If you buy the fruit in presentation boxes, it's even more so. I was in the supermarket today and saw about 20 strawberries in a presentation box for 2000 yen (around 20 dollars).

Thanks! Hope you had a great new year too!
Linstarrbeam on 30th December 2007 12:14 (UTC)
merry christmas!
hope it was a good one :D
Williamgenkischuldich on 2nd January 2008 05:48 (UTC)
Same to you! And a happy new year!