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Comiket report!

On the first day of Comiket, I went to the official room first. I headed to the Rondo Robe booth and caught a PV for Nabari no Ou (VERY loosely translated: "King of the Hidden World"), as they said on their website.

I have really high hopes for this series! It's from the same magazine that Gensoumaden Saiyuuki originally ran in, which is one that officially caters to female and male readers. Although it looks nothing like Saiyuuki, the action sequences did have a similar 'feel' to it.

Anyway, stayed around and got a free promo notebook of it.

Nabari no Ou

Also saw some PVs for camel-toed maid anime. Yes, the panties were drawn in that kind of detail. One of those series was Kamen no Maid Guy ("Masked Maid Guy") and I have NO IDEA what to make of it. Looks like one of those series you could break friends' brains with, like Bobobo. Partly, it's a parody of those idiotic maid shows which are all about breasts and panty shots and partly it IS one of those idiotic maid shows which are all about breasts and panty shots.

I was reminded yet again that I really must get into Lamento because it's so pretty. Unfortunately, it's a only game and -- recently -- a CD drama. I'd be prepared to bet money on it being animated very soon and becoming massively popular. Was also reminded to look out for the Persona anime and Fuuma no Koujirou.

Free stuff:
Alison to Lilia notebook.
Kamen no Maid Guy notebook.
Nabari no Ou notebook.
Shakugan no Shana notebook.
Yujin Figure.
Pamphlets: Pokemon Diaruga vs Parukia Dark Rai, Aquarion, Genshiken, Boku no Koto Karera no Koto, Fate Tiger Colosseum, Lamento.
Daylight poster.
Anicom magazine featuring a pullout on Persona, profiles of RH Plus actors and an ad for Fuuma no Koujirou, amongst other things.
Strawberry Prince chewing gum.

In the doujinshi halls, there was lots of Gundam, including 00 series. I skipped past that to get to some Code Geass doujinshi.

...I have no idea why I did that. I don't really want to see Lulu being done by Suzaku, I just want to mock him.

In any case, I bought two R18 Suzaku x Lelouch doujinshi. The first is simply pretty. The colour art reminded me a little of Angel Sanctuary. The second involves an experiment gone wrong and Suzaku turning chibi. But it becomes explicit when he gets back to his full size.

But I did see one Code Geass dj that hurt my mind.

Suzaku is a woman and gets pregnant. He has his shirt wide open and just about everything hanging out. The look on his face was horrible, as if it had all happened in the last five minutes and he didn't really have much of a choice about it. It beat last year's Doraemon suit bukkake.

Other doujinshi I bought was a travelogue of London (from the travel and travel photography section) and a Holmes doujinshi. I also got a Higa handkerchief emblazoned with goya. I saw two WK seiyuu doujinshi and not quite sure what to do with them. I mean, I'm not really into seiyuu doujinshi, but I would have bought anything with WK on the label. They have the squeaky mallet too.

Weiss Kreuz 10th Anniversary (the seiyuu, btw!) by RO*SN
Weiss Kreuz 10th Anniversary Revenge (still the seiyuu) by RO*SN. [NEW]
Suzaku/Lelouch by Bo*sai Bonbon [NEW]
Suzaku/Lelouch by Pe*rl Oyster [NEW]
Higa Goya Handerkerchief
Holmes, Part One by Gi*ls Bravo
London by Ko*emomo

RH Plus

Big Sight

On the second day, I was on the train at Shinjuku and suddenly dilettantka, hinoai and their friend boarded the train too! Of course, they were going to Comiket, since it was yaoi day. I hung out with them for a bit and we met up later for Chinese food.

Translations of Koyasu's diary.

30th December 2007 (Sunday) // '動'

In a very short amount of time, this year will be over. I feel this was a truly a fufilling year.
It's not that reckless feeling like when I was moving with Weiss, but I became the person I am today because of the exposure (LOL). Well, "Terra e..." moved along because of everyone's enthusiasm, I think (LOL).
We did it!(^-^)
And so, without hesitation, I choose "動" [movement] as my one kanji to represent 2007.

Well, I wonder what next year will bring?

Anyhow, there's only one thing left and that's to do a good drama!! That is all.

Just like this year, let's advance together in 2008 and pierce the future together!!

Thank you everyone (^-^)
I love you all.★

2007, Koyasu Takehito.

1st January 2008 (Tuesday) // Happy New Year.

Please support me in 2008 as well. (●^ー^●)

Let's do it with courage!

It's the year of the mouse!\(^O^)/

Above, Koyasu-sama is talking about the common practice of selecting a kanji to represent the year gone by. My first years chose them too. A surprising number chose the kanji for "vanish" so they could talk about global warming and a lot more chose the one for "new" as they had changed from elementary school to junior high.

One drew the kanji for "wings" and I thought that was beautiful -- she had grown wings and flown... then I noticed she was adding badminton rackets. The kanji for "wing" also means "shuttlecock". Most drew a kanji referring to their club activities.

For 2007, mine is "生", referring to life, freshness and survival. How about you?

My new year was a little disappointing. I had planned to go out with friends, but kuroe got sick at the very last minute and I wasn't able to. At about ten, he felt a little better and we went to the nearest big shrine in Tokyo, which was Meiji Jingu.

Torri arch // Me, at shrine

The approach to the shrine took over an hour because of all the people since it was midnight. I usually go around 5am... Anyway, the atmosphere was nice and I had jacket potato afterwards in the street vendor area. A little difficult to eat though -- my fingers were so cold, I couldn't grip the chopsticks properly!

I didn't pray there though, because it's bad luck to pray at more than one shrine at new year. Instead, I went to Inari-san's in my town. Inari-san is the fox god of money and merchants, so he suits me perfectly. It was a nice, local shrine with a bamboo forest with cardboard cutouts of foxes hidden inside. A very beautiful place, I thought.

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