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21 January 2008 @ 19:28
I usually write these posts at home and copy/paste at the net cafe, but I can't this time -- my computer's broken, perhaps permanently.

Well, a post is pretty quick, but I don't think I can do this every time for fic. In other words, my notebook is full but I can't post anything substantial. It's incredibly depressing. In any case, I lost around two thirds of the latest chapter of "Professional" and another fic where Schuldig gets bunny ears.

I don't think anyone else really cares about the last one. ;)

Anyway, I have all the notes in my notebook, so I'll be able to type everything up again. The only thing is that it goes through a second layer of editing when being transferred to the PC and I hate rewriting.

Still working on my second person pov samples. Oh, and recently I got another 3000 yen (around $30) from Tokyo Notice Board for a column. It was published this week, in fact.

Last night, I went to see Sweeney Todd after work. I was kind of worried because the rating is R-15 and that's usually the sign of something seriously nasty. Most films get no rating whatsoever.

The opening credits use stylised animation to let you know what you're in for. It's pretty cool and -- in one particular five second clip only -- grisly.

I think everyone knows the basic storyline and most of the horror comes from the knowledge of what you might see. Once the blood letting starts, you get used to it pretty easily ("desensitised"? :P). In fact, it reminded me of the representation of sword wounds in samurai dramas.

I just knew I couldn't bear to see someone being put in the blender or a sliced wound though (stabbing, cutting downwards, ok!) and although it kept looking like there was a possibility those would happen, they never did. However, even though you rarely see anything genuinely nasty, there are enough times that you do to justify looking away.

Anyway, the atmosphere's great and the songs are all in my head right now. As you might know, I love musicals(!) and have a pretty twisted sense of humour, so I thoroughly enjoyed it. I'd hesitate to give a blanket rec though.

Recently, I got into Code Geass in a major way. Ahaha -- thanks guys! Episode 11 onwards was great and I hope they can keep everything nice and balanced with relationships. I don't expect a yaoi relationship from this series of course, but if they're baiting us with yaoi-flavoured fanservice, then they'd better not have any plotlines that rule it out. I guess, if you've been following it through fansubs, you already know if that's the case or not.

Must rent more DVDs... except I have no way to watch them anymore, without a computer. *sigh*

Now I'm into it though, I have been eyeing up merchandise. I have this lovely Cat!Lulu phone strap and a model of Suzaku.

I got them while I was trying to find a mail block (a piece of plastic that goes over your cell phone screen so no one can read what you're doing). I looked at all my favourite series, but couldn't find a thing. So I went up to the desk at Animate and asked what series they had mail blocks for. I said I'd been looking to see if they had Code Geass and I'd seen one for Tennis no Oujisama but it was too small (and crappy, but I didn't say that). They called someone over and sent them to double-check the Code Geass area. When they came back empty, they asked me what kind of series I would like. Since I don't really like many current series, my mind went blank and I whispered "BL".

The staff went into a huddle. A minute later, a member broke away and raced off. He came back with a mail block featuring Renji from Bleach. Official: Renji is a synonym for yaoi to the experts.

But, actually, I bought it. I guess they know fan tastes well!

Speaking of which, I want this book.

I saw a couple of the strips reprinted in the Animate catalogue and they made me laugh out loud. It's the life of two female office workers, a junior and a senpai, and their love of yaoi.

It's just a shame that the world of the "fujoshi" is often (although not always) a girls' only club. Nobody over thirteen should be making communities that don't allow boys.

I went to ninja school for the first time last week. First half of the lesson is spent throwing yourself across the room, second half is spent throwing a partner across the room.

Sign-ups for Weiss Day will be open very soon. As with doing anything for the first time, I think some things didn't go as smoothly as they could have last year. But we learn from our mistakes and besides, we got some great fic.

So, what I'm proposing to do differently this year:

  • Banning anyone who didn't submit a fic at all last time. That doesn't include those who promised me they would make the final deadline, didn't, and then eventually got fics to me. I didn't spell out consequences strongly enough. But the one person who just disappeared... banned.
  • Getting people to declare whether they can be pinch-hitters in the sign-up post.
  • ...And calling them in the minute the deadline is breached, whatever the author is promising. This may result in two people having two fics, but one will be marked "for the community". If a person doesn't submit a fic, then the one intended for them will also be marked "for the community".
  • The sign-up post will ask specific questions about teams and genre.
  • State that I'm giving myself permission to edit for major spelling and grammar errors (not content, of course).

    Anything that you absolutely hate on that list? Anything you love? Something you want to add? Let me know really soon!
    くらやみひみつkurayamihimitsu on 21st January 2008 14:38 (UTC)
    hey hun. *cuddle*

    just letting you know i made it home safe. I'm depressed as hell from it.. butyeah. Can't wait to come back and see you. ;-; <3

    @@ what happened to your computer..? *cuddlecling*

    Miss you <33333333333
    (Anonymous) on 21st January 2008 14:43 (UTC)
    *hugshugs* Come back soon!

    Computer just died... It was there one minute, then gone with a "non-system fault", or something.
    Williamgenkischuldich on 21st January 2008 14:44 (UTC)
    That was me, btw...
    くらやみひみつkurayamihimitsu on 21st January 2008 14:55 (UTC)
    i figured <3

    i hope it fixes itself or something. ;-; miss you... hope i can talk to you and such sometime... Its really lonely here without my friends...
    Williamgenkischuldich on 23rd January 2008 12:36 (UTC)
    It works periodically -- I hope we'll have fixed by the time the internet is installed in a week or so! Maybe we can get something from Akiba?

    Anyway, I miss you too -- Any news on Temple?
    aionwatha: Schu - fuck you overaionwatha on 21st January 2008 14:43 (UTC)
    Not care about the Schuldig in bunny ears?!
    Williamgenkischuldich on 21st January 2008 14:45 (UTC)
    I suspect no one does!

    I haven't seen you for ages, btw! Want to hang out some time?
    aionwathaaionwatha on 21st January 2008 14:46 (UTC)
    I just hung out with Eda today! I think she's the first person I hung out with since Mami left.. >_>;; Which was about the last time I saw you if I recall. I have the rest of January off so it's really up to when you have time to see me. :3
    Starriecrabsushi on 21st January 2008 23:53 (UTC)
    I wanna come tooooo
    aionwathaaionwatha on 22nd January 2008 08:38 (UTC)
    I'd love for you to come tooooo!! T-T
    lab: monocle!crawfordstaubundsterne on 21st January 2008 14:50 (UTC)
    1.) How could anybody not care about Schuldig with bunny ears? How could anybody not care about Schuldig - he's the centre of his the universe!

    2.) Re weissday: Have some kind of minimum length, like yuletide?
    Williamgenkischuldich on 23rd January 2008 12:43 (UTC)
    1) Very true! ;)

    2) Yeah, I think we'll do that. 2000 sound good?
    lab: zoeystaubundsterne on 23rd January 2008 15:17 (UTC)
    2.) Considering the timeframe (a little over six weeks at this point, isn't it?) I'd be for a minimum of 1000 words, because imho it's a decent length for introspection as well as plot driven stuff … 
    百加☆nitaspitas on 21st January 2008 15:05 (UTC)
    lol @ the animate story and ninja school sounds awesome XD

    Which figure did you get? I have the cat festival clear files for school~
    Williamgenkischuldich on 23rd January 2008 12:49 (UTC)
    Heh. I recommend ninja school for definite. ;)

    I got Suzaku regular version. There's an alternate version where Suzaku's cat has Zero's helmet, but I didn't get that.
    Thomas Vye: Gundam GxB OMGthomasvye on 21st January 2008 18:17 (UTC)
    Lol, surely there can't be many boys who would want to be in a fujoshi club though! XD

    Animate staff; they kno what they're doing. U-U


    Edited at 2008-01-21 18:17 (UTC)
    Williamgenkischuldich on 23rd January 2008 12:52 (UTC)
    There are a few fujoshi clubs that are for boys -- the biggest had six members, admittedly, but there are a few!
    Mew: Geass - Lulu CFgokumew2 on 21st January 2008 18:23 (UTC)
    Glad you're into Geass now! =.DDDDDDDDDD Be prepared for OMFG Geass-ness that will blow you away!! Erm, if you can get a DVD player. =.x Hope you can soon cuz the series really does get so awesome.

    Btw, neko!Lulu keitai strap? .o_O *curious* Got a pic? =.3 And your lil adventure in Animate with the staff made me chuckle. X.D
    Williamgenkischuldich on 23rd January 2008 12:55 (UTC)
    I'll try and get a pic! (I'm at a friend's house right now) It's really nice and chunky. Regarding watching the series, my friend has a few fansubs.
    Mewgokumew2 on 23rd January 2008 16:29 (UTC)
    Great! Hope you get to finish the first season soon! You're in for a real roller coaster~ X.D
    Starrie: buttseckscrabsushi on 21st January 2008 23:58 (UTC)
    You broke your computer?!! Woman, you have no luck with computer-type things! x__X Get Yodobashi to remove your files? I'm sure they can do some sort of recovery-type thing so you can get your stories back!

    Weiß Day!! XD I need to do a better job this year. I think the story I wrote last year wasn't what the person wanted. ._.;;
    Williamgenkischuldich on 23rd January 2008 12:57 (UTC)
    If it makes you feel better, in both cases I wasn't the last person to touch it. It makes me feel better, anyway. :P

    Ooh, so I can count on you signing up? YAY!
    angels__haven on 22nd January 2008 17:22 (UTC)
    Congrats on the column! <3

    I really enjoyed Sweeny Todd. Good stuff, good stuff.
    Williamgenkischuldich on 23rd January 2008 12:58 (UTC)