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27 January 2008 @ 17:19
Feeling pretty low -- I had a bad day at work, but it's not worth talking about here. At least, not in a public post and I don't feel like making a filtered entry about nothing. So whatever.

One thing that did make me feel good was that my boss mentioned that he'd read and liked my column in TNB. He just so happened to notice that the column he was reading in his magazine was by me...! It feels amazing when people say they've read something of yours by chance and you didn't force them. ;)

Now if only I could finish those second person samples. I don't get my subconscious sometimes. All. I. Have. To. Do is write a couple of good samples. That's it! Then I can write a short story which will be paper-published in book format. Why am I taking criticism so harshly on this one? Honestly, it seems everyone but those on my flist are expecting me to fail.

The good news is that we seem to have made progress on the computer situation. kuroe did it by swapping the hard drives around, so I don't know how long it's going to last.

I went to another ninja class this week and Sensei started handing out rubber shuriken. One of the most difficult things about being a ninja is trying not to add sound effects when you punch or throw someone.

aionwatha lent me three volumes of Kuroshitsuji ("Dark Steward" or "Black Butler" or...) and I'm loving it! It's set in a manor house a little outside London and is about the perfect steward and his ward.

Sebastian is the main character. He's completely devoted to his twelve-year old master, Ciel Funtom-Hive (did I romanise that right?) and is so polite he even sighs in kanji. He's my favourite right now, followed by Tanaka.

I honestly can't tell you the year it's supposed set in -- they seem to have DS Lites and mobile phones, they reference Tom and Jerry and Superman, but London and the world in general are still old-fashioned in all other regards.

I really recommend this title. :) It's amusing, Sebastian is lovely, there's plenty of cross-dressing and there are English recipe ideas in every issue. I wish I could read faster!

I read Koyasu Takehito's latest blog post and for the first time I've no idea what he's trying to say. Lots of talk of aliens and referring to himself in the third person. Now, I don't think my Japanese has got significantly worse in the past few weeks, so... um.

"This year, aliens of Cedar have already begun invading Earth and are focusing their attack on Japan, according to the information channel TSF! A swift respose has come from seiyuu Koyasu Takehito as he takes medication against these fiends every year..."

It continues. WTF?

I was reading Moonphase and they mentioned the official sites for Vampire Knight are now open. The cast looks really good! In order of the listing on the website, we have Horie Yui-san, Miyano Mamoru-san, Kishio Daisuke-san, Chiba Susumu-san, Fukuyama Jun-san, Suwabe Jun'ichi-san and Hoshi Souichirou-san.

Going to put up a sign-up post for Weiss Day in the next half hour! When you see it, please, please promote it!
Daegaerdaegaer on 27th January 2008 08:14 (UTC)
Oh, Koyasu! Never change!

Could he be talking about pollen allergies?

ETA: Ooooh, Weiss Day!

Edited at 2008-01-27 11:14 (UTC)
Williamgenkischuldich on 27th January 2008 08:27 (UTC)
Yeah, I think he's referring to cedar hayfever in a really roundabout way. ^^

Yep, just working through the sign up post trying to think of pretty much every possible character and genre that someone could request. Last year I found myself staring at the lists of what people could write and going "Can s/he write Gluhen? It would be so useful if s/he could, but it doesn't say..."
Asrimal: Hellsingasrimal on 27th January 2008 09:14 (UTC)
I think it's romanised as "Ciel Phantomhive"
Williamgenkischuldich on 30th January 2008 03:45 (UTC)
Thanks. :) I got "Funtom" from a background poster in the toyshop they pass. ^^
h_w: funnyhatshungry_worm on 27th January 2008 10:54 (UTC)
Maybe Koyasu was high on cold medicine? Or drunk. ;)

Ninja class sounds awesome. ♥
Williamgenkischuldich on 30th January 2008 04:01 (UTC)
I think hayfever medicine... :)

Ninja class IS awesome! :)
nekojitanekojita on 27th January 2008 16:06 (UTC)
Uhm... I assume that Koyasu is allergic to cedar pollen? And that he's on really, *really* strong allergy meds... almost makes me wish I was allergic to pollen so I could share in the fun.

*hugs* Hope the day gets better. Still waiting for the BPAL order to arrive.
Williamgenkischuldich on 30th January 2008 04:01 (UTC)
Yep, I think so too. *hugs*
swirly_ayuri: KoyaMidoriswirly_ayuri on 27th January 2008 16:39 (UTC)
I read the translation over at his Chinese fan forum. The response there is best described as a series of ORZ's. ^^;;; But yeah, we came to the same conclusion, as Koyasu-san talked about this allergy late Feb of last year. Someone mentioned that he has the tendency to treat viruses/pollen/any sort of sickness inducing foreign substance as "alien invaders." ^^;;;;
Williamgenkischuldich on 30th January 2008 04:02 (UTC)
Yeah... although even the style is a little stranger too. I'll try to translate further, I think, when I have time. The latter half is more interesting.
windavatarkaze_no_ko on 27th January 2008 18:52 (UTC)
Kuroshitsuji has been on my to-read list for a while now. Glad to hear that it's good (I love the covers but sometimes pretty covers can hide less-than-stellar insides...).
Williamgenkischuldich on 30th January 2008 04:02 (UTC)
Yes, do try it! :)
aionwatha: simSchuKen - this kiss tastes like dreamaionwatha on 28th January 2008 05:17 (UTC)
Like someone said earlier, it's "Ciel Phantomhive".

As for time period, it's... iffy. Like you said, they have video games and such but there's also something about Jack the Ripper in the third book. (Or is it the second?) So... who knows. o_o;;

I've never ever signed up for Weiss Day so I have NO idea how it works... but I just did. Yoroshiku. v_v;;

Edited at 2008-01-28 08:21 (UTC)
Williamgenkischuldich on 30th January 2008 04:08 (UTC)
I see... I was going by the English in the toyshop. I guess that's his company's name? Btw, I went to Ikebukuro Animate and there's a ton of merchandise -- two pins (Sebastian and Ciel), two greeting cards (ditto), one shitajiki, one clear file and a clock!

You write a fic for someone and you get a fic in return. That's it, really. ^^