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Mata Ame ka?

I went to see "Neoromance Stage: Harukanaru Toki no Naka de: Maihitoyo" on Wednesday evening at the Sunshine Gekijou. It was apparently a retread of the animated film version, but I've never seen that before. In fact, I've only ever seen the first episode of the anime series, as far as I can remember, so please forgive me for missing out details.

The cast was beautiful. Maybe I'm shallow for pointing that out, but they looked amazing. Yorihisa looked so good and I loved the detail that went into his costume and everyone else's. I don't think I've ever seen such a perfectly androgynous cast... It was all very pretty. I wish they'd extended the attention to detail to the wigs. Having said that, perhaps it wouldn't have looked so good?

The background music was really good and there was a combination of notes in it that seemed to remind me of another song. Don't you just hate it when that happens? But yeah, I liked it. Would be happy to buy the soundtrack if they ever release it.

They had the characters do the theatre announcements - first was Tomomasa, next was Yorihisa, last was Tenma. Tomomasa has a quirk of speech where he randomly goes 'nfu' and that was all there in between telling us to turn off our mobiles.

Anyway, it opens with Yorihisa and Tenma fighting demons. After a while, the rest of the team join them and there's this incredible bit where they pose, a screen unrolls in a split second and they pose in front of the projected logo. It was so cool! I know I'm supposed to think it's corny, but it wasn't. There was then a short sequence that looked like the credits from a TV drama series. Very nice.

The basic story is that there is a Noh-style stage that keeps burning down, presumably due to the presence of a restless spirit. Akane is wandering around the village and meets a gentle soul who lends her something to keep her dry. The running theme of the play is that it keeps raining and just about every character comments on it at some point.

This scene is actually pretty cute. Yeah, surprised me too. The couple also get a random duet inserted in the play later on.

Anyway, Akane falls in love, despite the man apparently suffering from amnesia and being unable to remember his own name. It seems he likes to do Noh-style dances though...

After that, or perhaps before, Tenma and Yorihisa headed into the audience looking to see if there was anyone who had seen any wandering spirits. They didn't come anywhere near me, luckily(?). Yorihisa was struggling to keep a straight face and it seemed that he and Tenma would go very nicely together.

The love story progresses and the mysterious man gives Akane a mask which interests Yasuaki. It turns out that it's a mask that, according to legend, is cursed. Whoever wears it and performs a dance in it will die. Suefumi, the boy who Akane met, was once a famous dancer and performed that dance ten years ago. He was struck down, not by the cursed mask, but by a curse from within his own family.

Eisen plays his flute, Tomomasa plays the biwa and Suefumi dances his last dance until Akane frees his soul. It sounds stupid, but it was so dramatic and emotional. Honest! Really beautiful. "sniff*

Next was curtain call, which is definitely worth a mention because all the boys come on in pairs except for Akane and Suefumi. First on was Yasuaki leading Eisen gently by the hand. Second was Tomomasa who picked up Takamichi and carried him down the steps to wild applause. Guess Juri knows his fanservice well by now. Inori and Shimon put their arms around each other and did peace signs. Finally, Tenma and Yorihisa approached each other and Tenma looked like he was going to poke Yorihisa. Instead, Tenma inserted it gently into Yorihisa's scabbard. *ships them all -- stage versions, at least*

After that they sing a few songs and sakura scatters across the stage.

I have a few photos I'd like to share of the pamphlet. Does anyone have any free editing software they'd like to recommend?

I remember seeing "Monochrome Factor" advertised at Comiket, but when I got home, I could never remember the name. Because it was English? :P

Anyway, the site is now open and you can see the cast.

Monochrome Factor

Cast is: Ono Daisuke-san, Konishi Katsuyuki-san, Suwabe Jun'ichi-san, Hatano Wataru-san, Kamiya Hiroshi-san, Yoshino Hiroyuki-san, Asano Masumi-san, Tamura Yukari-san, Saiga Mitsuki-san and Okiayu Ryoutarou-san.

Got the internet today... But now I have to sleep because I have work early tomorrow morning. As usual! ^^
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