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07 February 2008 @ 19:20
When all else is lost, try chocolate-centre marshmallows on toast.

...well, no one reads this LJ for the cooking tips, right?

Also, yuzu juice/peel in curries is awesome.

Congratulations to everyone who passed the JLPT... so many people took 2-kyuu this year! Anyway, congratulations to you all, whatever your level!

I'm just typing up "Professional" and should be done sooner or later. One thing that has me concerned was something I read in a WK comm about an author adding magic to the WK repetoire. It made me pause because... it's always been there, right? I mean, Farfarello canon ends with him leaving to romance a witch. Together, Schwarz can summon demons. If this isn't well-known, then I'm going to have to explain a lot more than I thought.

...And then there's the whole nasty "Esset is a neo-Nazi organisation" thing. Going to be touching on that too. Thoughts, anyone?
Daegaerdaegaer on 7th February 2008 11:51 (UTC)
I saw that note - and yeah, I agree. Sally's a witch (though it's not really defined what she can do other than turn men on), and Esset/Eszett/Estet/SZ/SS/whatever seem to carry out rituals that look magical and that summon demons (and Schwarz say they can too - I think. Or they can possibly wake up the demon once summoned? the subtitles on my DVDs are ambiguous). Masafumi's kundalini research also looks magical as well as (weird) scientific.

I could see Eszett using the Nazis to gain political power or to further their own ends (I'm of the opinion that the tablet of life, or whatever it's actually called, was found on the Nazi-funded expedition to Tibet), but they themselves are an older organisation. They're probably tied in with not only the Rosicrucians (of course!) but also the Freemasons and various other groups (the literary and scandal-sheet versions of such organisations, of course, not the real things).
Williamgenkischuldich on 7th February 2008 12:03 (UTC)
Oops... busted! I was trying to be vague. :) The thing about the demon ritual is that Schwarz are quite clearly the key team in it and they seem to be playing a big part in it. That's my interpretation anyway.

I always thought the Nazi link was unmistakable... You've got the elders referencing how they "failed fifty years ago" (so yeah, an ongoing process) and there's also the rather embarrassing 'seiyuu dressing up as Nazis' incident, plus Schuldig giving the salute. Some people like to forget Crawford's "miracle of love" speech, but I like to forget that picture...!
Daegaerdaegaer on 7th February 2008 12:31 (UTC)
The, er, idiosyncratic subtitles for those scenes become downright cryptic on my discs! It's interesting if Schwarz are the key team - my discs put a lot of weight on Aya-chan, too. (Nagi seems to be a lot more powerful than the Elder suspects, and seems to say something about using their/his/Aya-chan's power to wake up the demon).

I too like to forget That Picture. Stop that, Schuldig! (Seriously, what was the artist thinking?) And up to now I didn't know the seiyuu had dressed up like that. Hmmm. (There's also the squicky Nazified drag Weiss are in, in one piece of official art, eep).
Williamgenkischuldich on 7th February 2008 12:51 (UTC)
Which version do you have? I haven't actually seen the official subs (I saw the fansubs and got the Japanese disks before it was licensed, sadly), but I would've thought they'd be accurate? I also think that Aya-chan was key (she also seems to be magic in some way, beyond the 'not aging' part), but Schwarz seemed to be in charge of the ceremony. Why them? Why them rather than Farblos, who are apparently so much more powerful?

Want to see it? Go to http://www.jiko.tv/kaigai.html and do an html search in the page for "Weiβ kreuz Giuhen(ヴァイス クロイツ グリーエン)". The rest of the page seems to be about overseas TV.
...Err, Nazi drag? I do not know that pic?
Daegaer: WTF by athena8daegaer on 7th February 2008 14:06 (UTC)
OH. MY. GOD. *tears eyes out* *notes Omi's seiyuu is mutton dressed up as Hitlerjugend lamb* *tears eyes out again*

Allow me to return the trauma: More insanity

The discs I have are the Hong Kong (bootlegged?) ones, and at times are fairly clearly subbed by someone using a Japanese-Chinese, Chinese-English dictionary. Sometimes the subber just gave up and subbed random words and people's names into (thankfully romanised) Chinese. It's usually clear(ish) but rather odd! I've seen some of the fansubbed episodes, and they make quite different interpretations possible (in my discs it looks like Schuldig hides his telepathy from his victims till the most hurtful moment, in the fansubs he's all "im in ur brane readin ur mind" and boastful about it).

Oooh, magic Aya-chan. Any ideas what makes her such a perfect demon-host other than her DNA?
Williamgenkischuldich on 9th February 2008 12:14 (UTC)
Oh, those! I've got a few of those which were English subbed into... English. It was still nowhere near correct, but Pirates of the Caribbean was hilarious! I was bitter about America getting it so much before the UK. And Schu... It looks as if he actually forgets about his telepathy at one point. He kind of goes "oh, lol, I can read minds. I TOTALLY forgot about that."

I'vw no idea. I do remember something about her not aging. Did you ever read "Something Missing" by truth? It's not complete and I think the author pulled it from the net, but it was a really good exploration of Aya-chan.