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07 February 2008 @ 19:20
When all else is lost, try chocolate-centre marshmallows on toast.

...well, no one reads this LJ for the cooking tips, right?

Also, yuzu juice/peel in curries is awesome.

Congratulations to everyone who passed the JLPT... so many people took 2-kyuu this year! Anyway, congratulations to you all, whatever your level!

I'm just typing up "Professional" and should be done sooner or later. One thing that has me concerned was something I read in a WK comm about an author adding magic to the WK repetoire. It made me pause because... it's always been there, right? I mean, Farfarello canon ends with him leaving to romance a witch. Together, Schwarz can summon demons. If this isn't well-known, then I'm going to have to explain a lot more than I thought.

...And then there's the whole nasty "Esset is a neo-Nazi organisation" thing. Going to be touching on that too. Thoughts, anyone?
Williamgenkischuldich on 9th February 2008 12:14 (UTC)
Oh, those! I've got a few of those which were English subbed into... English. It was still nowhere near correct, but Pirates of the Caribbean was hilarious! I was bitter about America getting it so much before the UK. And Schu... It looks as if he actually forgets about his telepathy at one point. He kind of goes "oh, lol, I can read minds. I TOTALLY forgot about that."

I'vw no idea. I do remember something about her not aging. Did you ever read "Something Missing" by truth? It's not complete and I think the author pulled it from the net, but it was a really good exploration of Aya-chan.