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Almost everyone's email I tried to send my query letter to for betaing failed. I think it might be too late at night...

Life and fandom in brief:

  • I went to see WWE at the budoukan with kuroe. We had really good seats and when Triple H and Umaga fought their way through the audience, I made sure I was just a metre away, if that. There was a massive stampede and it was fun and probably pretty dangerous. Haha. Also on the bill were William Regal vs Ric Flair. The climax was amazing as they hugged each other -- the "animosity" between wrestlers isn't real and it's cute to see that. Also on were Beth Phoenix vs Mickey James. I ♥ both of them -- they've made women's wrestling in the WWE worth watching. Finally, there was Jeff Hardy vs Randy Orton match. The lady in front of me was clearly a huge Hardy Boyz fan -- but Orton is better. Sorry.
  • I met up with aionwatha, who took me to the park in Kichijouji. As the sun set, a man was playing the shamisen and singing to himself. Also, there were ducks. She also introduced me to Ghost Hunters, which is totally evil as it starts the next episode about fifteen minutes towards the end, forcing you onto the next one. Once again, I want to do that kind of stuff too. It also reminded me of a co-worker in Chiba who had been a "certified ghost hunter" in the US. We were planning on hunting ghosts together one day, but stuff happened. He brought in his EMF meter and we had great fun with it -- although we had to conclude the staffroom wasn't haunted.
  • I have a job interview on Wednesday.
  • I accepted an invitation to see my six graders' (elementary) graduation.
  • There was a shamisen presentation at my school and a man came round to show us how to make them. All the kids got a go at carving up pieces of wood and smearing mochi around the body of the instrument. Mochi is a type of rice mixture, often used to make desserts. Eventually, the kids started eating it, of course. I couldn't resist asking what it was like -- the responses were unanimous. It tasted just like mochi, but the feeling was bad.
  • Another report on the Scientology protests. The utter surrealness of this has me riveted. Sorry. ^^
  • If you haven't seen it already, Indiana Jones trailer. The line about him being a teacher (part time!) was actually kind of inspiring.
  • Okay, it's a limited voting pool, but fandomsecrets had a Valentine's Day poll. The question was, incidentally, about who you'd "like to spend the day with". There was only one vote for a WK character, and I wasn't the person that cast it.

    Poll #1139495 WK Characters

    Which of the following characters could you actually see yourself being able to tolerate spending the day with?

    Takatori Reiji

    That's it for now.
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