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I bought a "European Vegetable Parsnip" and "European Vegetable Rhubarb" last week and now I'm making toffee rhubarb cheesecake (adapted from one of kasra_c's recipes). I've never ever seen such things for sale here and now they're sold out again.

At the checkout, the lady asked me how you cooked a parsnip and I told her and gave her my cheesecake recipe. It's so nice to be able to randomly speak Japanese!

Some butter
Some muesli
A can of condensed milk
Some toffees
Some rhubarb
A pot of sour cream
Whatever cheap cream cheese you can find and however many tubs you can find.
2 eggs


1. Melt the butter and mix with the muesli. Spread it out over an oven-proof dish (it will be the base).

2. Try to open a can of condensed milk. Remember that it's an import so it doesn't have one of those pull tabs found everywhere else in Japan. Slice it open with a half-arsed "can-opener" that consists of a hook and a blade.

3. Pour the condensed milk into a saucepan. Shell the toffees and pop them in as well. Cook until the toffees melt into the mixture and it becomes thick and caramel-coloured, or until you smell sugar burning. Pour that on top of the base -- in time it will set and become a slightly chewy toffee-muesli hybrid.

4. Boil the rhubarb in water. There's no need to add sugar or whatever, because the base will take care of sweetness levels. Drain and plop over the base.

5. Mix the eggs, cream cheese and sour cream until smooth. I don't know why you would put sour cream in there, but the orignal recipe had it and it worked fine. Add as much Baileys as you dare, then add to the other layers.

6. Cook at 200 until you smell burning. The cheesecake took 1 hr 20 mins last week and 55mins this week. Oops.

7. Leave to cool (it still needs to set further after that).

I have some amazing news... I may be going to the X JAPAN concert after all! Someone I knew knew someone who had a ticket to sell. I just have to meet and exchange!

From Moonphase:
  • Brand new SLAYERS series coming soon, according to a fan report (since it's Moonphase, there's a good chance this is true).
  • Code Geass: R2 site open.
  • Monochrome Factor site renewal.
  • Loveless DVD box set available soon, amongst other things.

  • This is so cool (Weiss kreuz fan... stuff).
  • Spork attack.
  • Bees are smart! ("Before we had [the tags], we would have to stop the bee, record which bee it was, weigh it, then put it back to continue its business.").

    It was my last day in my elementary school. I gave my usual "one point English lesson" during the morning staff meeting and then my farewell speech. In class, my first years gave me a book of messages and then sang a song. 1-2 sang a song about saying thank you and 1-1 sang the Totoro theme. I was so, so touched...

    As I left the staffroom for the final time, everyone gave me applause because I worked hard right up until (over) the last minute. They really liked me at that school...
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