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05 March 2008 @ 16:26
What a waste of a day. I woke up early, ready to finish off a writing assignment and then... kuroe said he needed it to finish off his coursework. Two hours and a half hours later, I got it, but had completely lost any momentum I'd built up.

Considered going out, but the water company wanted me to stay in and pay the bill kuroe had forgotten about.

It's almost 5pm and I've still got three pages in dire need of editing...

I was very surprised to see how many closet D&D fans there are on my flist after the news about Gary Gygax broke. Here's the Penny Arcade tribute.

From Moonphase:

  • Angelique event at TIAF. I might go to this event, depending on what else is scheduled at the same time. I'm seriously expecting a Velvet Under World announcement. Wedge Holdings, who broke the VUW news at their booth last year, is coming again this year.
  • Crystal Blaze. Miki Shin'ichirou-san is the lead.
    ^_^ /*white_cross_b on 5th March 2008 14:45 (UTC)
    I check the VUW site every few days hoping for an update. I've been wondering if they're really going to make it or not!
    Williamgenkischuldich on 5th March 2008 15:26 (UTC)
    Me too... but I really am HONESTLY expecting a last minute update just before the Tokyo International Animation Fair, as they did last year. Fingers crossed!
    Starriecrabsushi on 8th March 2008 14:15 (UTC)
    haha... now begins your quest to round up all of the Weiss Day people, it seems. Let me know if you need any pinch hitters or anything~ ♥ Hope your weekend goes well!
    Williamgenkischuldich on 10th March 2008 12:26 (UTC)
    Yep! Got fics or promises of fics for everybody bar one. ^^