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25 March 2008 @ 17:04
Dream Live 5:

Sakamoto Shougo / Watanabe Daisuke / Toyoda Yuuya / Furukawa Yuuta / Hamao Kyousuke / Takahashi Yuuta / Ogasawara Hiroaki / Makita Tetsuya / Yanagishita Tomo / Hirata Yuuichirou
Luke.C / Saitou Yasuka / Shinotani Hijiri / Hayashino Takeshi / Matsuzaki Yutaka / Kanesaki Kentarou / Yagami Ren / Ono Kento
Ookawa Genki / Baba Tooru / Nakagauchi Masataka / Kiriyama Renn / Kawahara Kazuma / Irei Kanata / Ikegami Shouma / Katou Ryousuke / Hara Masaaki / Kawamoto Ryou / Eguchi Kouichi
Saitou Takumi (TOKYO ONLY) / Washimi Ryou (OSAKA ONLY) / Juri / Matsuoka Yuuki / Miyano Mamoru / Ueshima Yukio

※Yanagishita Tomo and Hirata Yuuichirou will appear as Kaidou in every performance.

◆Time Table
17th May(Sat):14:00 /19:00
18th May(Sun):11:00 /15:00 /19:00

24th May(Sat):14:00 /19:00
25th May(Sun):11:00 /16:00

Other things relevent to our interests from Moonphase:
  • The Vampire Knight seiyuu will appear at the Tokyo International Anime Fair.
  • Promo video for Junjou Romantica.
  • Official website for Wagaya no o-Inari-sama. I'm a big fan of Inari-san, the fox god of merchants and making money!

  • "Alternative" from Velvet Under World is in the karaoke system!! I sung it last night, but it was 2am and I couldn't remember how most of it went... It's described as the "image song for anime "Velvet Under World" in the machine.

    ...Back to work. ^^
    くらやみひみつ: Chompkurayamihimitsu on 25th March 2008 09:56 (UTC)
    ...*whine* now i wanna see it even more than before.... WHY did takumi have to be in the Tokyo show?? *cling*


    :3 I have surprises for you btw. X3
    Williamgenkischuldich on 26th March 2008 01:39 (UTC)
    Don't say that! The lottery is first and, if all goes well, I'll never even have to go to the machines.

    ...What day should I try for? I'm thinking maybe second showing on the first day because I always have more luck when I try for a show other than first/last.

    ...surprises? Plural? I'm a little nervous now.
    golden_bastetgolden_bastet on 25th March 2008 20:29 (UTC)
    I started reading Vampire Knight, but they are sooooo slooooow about releasing it here... I'm going to grow old and die before anything much happens.
    Williamgenkischuldich on 26th March 2008 01:40 (UTC)
    It's available in English? I didn't know that... I was very surprised when my friends took me to the English language section of a huge bookstore in Shinjuku and it was like every decent manga ever (and a few others!) had been translated. I shouldn't really be surprised, I guess!
    golden_bastetgolden_bastet on 26th March 2008 20:29 (UTC)
    Yes, the first three books are out, and I've been checking for about six months for number 4. %^<

    I'm not sure how many are out in Japan - 20? 30?

    k_kisarak_kisara on 25th March 2008 22:56 (UTC)
    Speaking of Velvet Underworld... my best friend is going to the Tokyo International Anime Fair and was wondering if Koyasu-san was going to be there (she's a HUGE Koyasu fan). I don't think I've read that he was listed as going, but if there will be an announcement about VU, do you think he will make it?
    Williamgenkischuldich on 26th March 2008 01:45 (UTC)
    He certainly hasn't made any announcements to that effect, but there are a lot of different events going on... it's really difficult to keep track of them all.

    The booth that will be making the announcement about VUW - IF ANY! - will be Wedge Holdings. I'm waiting to see if there will be an announcement at the official site. If not, I'm heading in their direction and asking directly.
    k_kisarak_kisara on 26th March 2008 11:05 (UTC)
    Thanks for the info! Will you post a report of the Fair?
    Williamgenkischuldich on 26th March 2008 11:24 (UTC)
    Oh definitely!

    Tell your friend to keep watching the website. Last year the announcement was VERY last minute.