William (genkischuldich) wrote,

Went to Saizeriya today for lunch and filled up on caffeine. I am twitchy.

Also found out my new school today. That's the one I'll be working in for the next year.

Am toying with the idea of starting a Velvet Under World RPG... anyone interested? It's perfect for an RP because you have a very basic description of a character, a character design and zero canon. How often does that kind of opportunity come along?

I'm thinking of allowing everyone two characters - one executioner and one psycho killer. All characters would have at least two secrets and the point would be to expand your character and explain your characters beackground without info-dumping. There would be only minimal romance. Hopefully, the result would be something like what the anime should have been.

Having said that, it's all subject to change depending on those interested. We can hammer out the rules and basic ideas together. Anyone?

Today I am writing things and need a distraction. Ask me anything. Ask my views on anything. It's kind of like an amalgamation of all the memes going around lately...

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