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Yesterday, a Starbucks released Coffee Jelly Frappuccino and so I stopped off at Akabane after work this evening to try some out. It's pretty good - whipped cream, sweet coffee jelly and more coffee. I believe it's Japan-only as of right now though.

I walked around in grey drizzle, looking in shops. Akabane is made up a a high number of non-chain stores located around a pedestrianised arcade. Their lights reflected off the streets and gave it a wonderful atmosphere.

Anyway, this outing made one of my character-muses very happy -- he's a translator who loves bees, illegal caffeine and Hot Jello.

And yeah, this is leading to something. A poll, in fact.

Edit: A "writer/reader" is someone who creates stories on any level, whether fanfic, rp or profic. It's presumed that they are also reading. A "reader" is someone who reads fanfic or profic, but doesn't create. There are many, MANY permutations outside these classifications, but that's what the comments are for. :) One of the questions I'm interested in is if daydreaming drives creative thought/creativity provokes daydreams about our muse-characters. Or if, maybe, folks who aren't compelled to write about their characters have the same amount of daydreams. (Originally, there was an implied question as to whether anyone else had fandom daydreams like this anyway or if I was just weird, but it's clear that isn't an issue!)

Poll #1172671 Fiction

How do you treat your muses/characters?

I commission artwork of them.
I buy them presents.
I write stories about them (outside of my "proper" stories, whether they be fanfic or profic).
I do something else for them (tell me in the comments!).
I just think about them a lot.
Huh? Seems pretty dumb to spend money on a fictional construct.
I don't have a muse.
Something so utterly different from the above that I want to tell you all about it in comment form.


I'm a writer/reader and I daydream primarily about my characters (fanfic or otherwise).
I'm a writer/reader and I daydream primarily about all kinds of personal fantasies.
I'm a writer/reader and I primarily compose blog entries in my head.
I'm a writer/reader and I don't think I daydream.
I'm a reader and I daydream primarily about characters I read in fiction.
I'm a reader and I daydream primarily about all kinds of personal fantasies.
I'm a reader and I primarily compose blog entries in my head.
I'm a reader and I don't think I daydream.
I'm none of the above.

I'm interested in the daydreaming one because the theory I remember reading at university split people into age groups and said that most daydreams are about personal fantasies. Examples were things like winning an international football (soccer) game or winning the lottery. Stuff like that.

Even then, I thought that wasn't true for me. Ever since I was very, very young I've always daydreamed in terms of narrative. I've taken my favourite characters and made them avatars of myself and given them adventures. When I was eight or so, I was Wolf from Gladiators. Age twelve, I was Wolverine of the X-Men. At twenty-six, I'm Crawford. Currently in my head, Schwarz are having a reunion after ten years, having agreed to have no contact with each other so they can develop outside of the influence of Esset. Both Crawford and Schuldig control half the world and are at war with each other without reali-- Well, it's daft. It's my daydream. Of course, I also think about my original characters. I go over scenes in my head and take them in a different direction sometimes.

I wonder if I daydream more than other people? Would anyone else like to own up?
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