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17 April 2008 @ 23:53
Yesterday, a Starbucks released Coffee Jelly Frappuccino and so I stopped off at Akabane after work this evening to try some out. It's pretty good - whipped cream, sweet coffee jelly and more coffee. I believe it's Japan-only as of right now though.

I walked around in grey drizzle, looking in shops. Akabane is made up a a high number of non-chain stores located around a pedestrianised arcade. Their lights reflected off the streets and gave it a wonderful atmosphere.

Anyway, this outing made one of my character-muses very happy -- he's a translator who loves bees, illegal caffeine and Hot Jello.

And yeah, this is leading to something. A poll, in fact.

Edit: A "writer/reader" is someone who creates stories on any level, whether fanfic, rp or profic. It's presumed that they are also reading. A "reader" is someone who reads fanfic or profic, but doesn't create. There are many, MANY permutations outside these classifications, but that's what the comments are for. :) One of the questions I'm interested in is if daydreaming drives creative thought/creativity provokes daydreams about our muse-characters. Or if, maybe, folks who aren't compelled to write about their characters have the same amount of daydreams. (Originally, there was an implied question as to whether anyone else had fandom daydreams like this anyway or if I was just weird, but it's clear that isn't an issue!)

Poll #1172671 Fiction

How do you treat your muses/characters?

I commission artwork of them.
I buy them presents.
I write stories about them (outside of my "proper" stories, whether they be fanfic or profic).
I do something else for them (tell me in the comments!).
I just think about them a lot.
Huh? Seems pretty dumb to spend money on a fictional construct.
I don't have a muse.
Something so utterly different from the above that I want to tell you all about it in comment form.


I'm a writer/reader and I daydream primarily about my characters (fanfic or otherwise).
I'm a writer/reader and I daydream primarily about all kinds of personal fantasies.
I'm a writer/reader and I primarily compose blog entries in my head.
I'm a writer/reader and I don't think I daydream.
I'm a reader and I daydream primarily about characters I read in fiction.
I'm a reader and I daydream primarily about all kinds of personal fantasies.
I'm a reader and I primarily compose blog entries in my head.
I'm a reader and I don't think I daydream.
I'm none of the above.

I'm interested in the daydreaming one because the theory I remember reading at university split people into age groups and said that most daydreams are about personal fantasies. Examples were things like winning an international football (soccer) game or winning the lottery. Stuff like that.

Even then, I thought that wasn't true for me. Ever since I was very, very young I've always daydreamed in terms of narrative. I've taken my favourite characters and made them avatars of myself and given them adventures. When I was eight or so, I was Wolf from Gladiators. Age twelve, I was Wolverine of the X-Men. At twenty-six, I'm Crawford. Currently in my head, Schwarz are having a reunion after ten years, having agreed to have no contact with each other so they can develop outside of the influence of Esset. Both Crawford and Schuldig control half the world and are at war with each other without reali-- Well, it's daft. It's my daydream. Of course, I also think about my original characters. I go over scenes in my head and take them in a different direction sometimes.

I wonder if I daydream more than other people? Would anyone else like to own up?
百加☆nitaspitas on 17th April 2008 11:45 (UTC)
i'm torn between personal fantasies and blog entries ^^; I like to have conversations with celebrities and fictional characters in my head sometimes...

and I think about things I could write in my blog a lot, but they end up staying in my head most of the time... because after I think of them, I'm either not at my computer, or they don't seem interesting anymore after I type them up (but that doesn't always stop me ^^;)

plus I've only thought of myself as a writer for about three months ever (nanowrimo for the last three years), and all I've been reading lately is manga... so i couldn't decide what to check...
Williamgenkischuldich on 19th April 2008 06:48 (UTC)
I figure that if you write, you're a writer. If there's another definition, I haven't made it yet. :)

I guess I assumed everyone reads, and some read AND write/create. I think you'd probably fall into the latter category in this case.

And yeah, I think up a lot of blog posts that never get made. Usually in reaction to news stories. I don't think that it's a useless endeavour, since it sorts out my feelings on a lot of things. What would I tell my flist about my opinion? If I wouldn't tell them, why not?
(Deleted comment)
Williamgenkischuldich on 19th April 2008 06:50 (UTC)
I think if you RP, you're a writer. Just a different kind. I mean, you're working to create a story, right? I guess I assumed everyone reads, and some read AND write/create.

What kind of clothes do your characters and/or muses like?
(Deleted comment)
Williamgenkischuldich on 19th April 2008 07:47 (UTC)
I wonder which came first...?

When I got new glasses, I thought about Crawford's pair. But, honestly, his look awful. I got a much nicer pair that suit me.

So... Omi's socks. Would you have considered them before Weiss? Or did Omi make you realise the beauty or such socks? Or...?
..imaginary forces..: aronbriarwolf on 17th April 2008 12:22 (UTC)
I have troubles answering the poll! Alas!

As far as the first question, I could choose that I write stories about them, but more than just that, I will write little AU stories that give them something they want. Also, I, uhm, talk to them a lot. I get awkward about this whenever I talk about it, because I had a (non-writer) friend once react as though I was crazy when it came up. Luckily, those of the writing persuasion tend to think it's a little less strange. It's rare for me not to have at least one character "hanging around" all the time. Right now it's the original character in my icon most of the time, or others from his life.

With the second question, I couldn't choose which to answer because three options seem to apply to me. I spend a lot of time daydreaming about characters, mostly mine but also those I've read about, and I do daydream about personal fantasies. (Mostly, about gaining fandom recognition, or a fandom for my original work, heh.)

It's an interesting thing to think about, really.
Williamgenkischuldich on 19th April 2008 07:02 (UTC)
Do you talk aloud to them, or just in your head? I rarely interact directly as myself with any of my characters, but they do have a habit of soliloquizing.

I guess it's about whichever one you do more -- thinking about your characters or your personal fantasies. I have personal fantasies, of course -- the main one is what would happen if my book ever got published. But my character-based ones are significantly more common.
Maya Lynn: Eyessetra on 17th April 2008 12:58 (UTC)
*shakes fist at LJ*

My 'other' answer was because while I mostly fail at writing prose fanfiction, I RP constantly. For some reason I find it easier to go back and forth with someone else than to handle it all in my head.

As for daydreams, I think about my characters (real and original) a lot, but usually it's only short scenes or internal monologue/development for them. My roommate (and RP partner) on the other hand, will frequently come home from work with whole new plotlines planned out or whole new versions of characters in her head. These are usually highly detailed and developed even if only one in five actually turns into something we work on. So I know you're not alone in the long complex daydreams department. ^_^

Also, I want to know more about this Schwartz reunion. &hearts
Williamgenkischuldich on 19th April 2008 07:41 (UTC)
I think RP counts. If it's not writing, then what is it? :) I don't think RP would inspire me in the same way as my own stories though, because it would require another person to agree that their own characters would react in the way I'm thinking.

Nagi, Farfarello and Schuldig are waiting for Crawford at Shinjuku station [because I pass through it every weekday!] and suddenly there's a buzzing sound as if a swarm of flies were descending on Tokyo.

Schuldig's eyes widen. "He's here."

"Who?" Nagi wants to know.

"My rival. Why, on a day like this? I just..." I just wanted to see Crawford again, he wants to say, but doesn't.

"Your rival?"

"He controls most of North America. I've never met him, but this is his trademark. He walks out of step with life and time."

Farfarello starts laughing and Schuldig turns to him angrily.

"What the hell's so funny!?"

"Crawford's arrived," says Nagi smugly.

From the crowds, a human form pulls itself together out of the surround city-grey. He wears a long white coat, wing tip shirt and white top hat.

Schuldig looks at him and the pieces fall into place.

"Shit," he says.

...My daydream. Let me show you it. ^^
Maya Lynnsetra on 20th April 2008 03:55 (UTC)
Ooh... I like your daydreams. Can I live in your head?

Mmmm... Crawford. ^__^
(Deleted comment)
Williamgenkischuldich on 19th April 2008 07:41 (UTC)
Which isn't a bad response at all!
ext_85209 on 17th April 2008 14:02 (UTC)
there wasn't an option for cohabiting with your characters in plushie form and taking them on boat trips (or non writers who think about their characters more than their paid employment)
Williamgenkischuldich on 19th April 2008 07:44 (UTC)
That would come under: "Something so utterly different from the above that I want to tell you all about it in comment form."


But to be fair, you ARE a writer. Or did I imagine the Braddy Bunch? :)
(Deleted comment)
Williamgenkischuldich on 19th April 2008 07:53 (UTC)
When I was little, I had a much wider range of personal avatars. Many of them were... ummmmmm... based on the children's shows I watched. I wanted to be a teenage vampire, a boy that turned into a dog and the invisible man. I'm so ashamed, but mostly because of the source material. :)

I hope you get your avatars back. :)
キモさ満々♡ 미친 외국인dilettantka on 17th April 2008 18:23 (UTC)
I've always been a huge daydreamer, and sometimes it is about my own personal fantasies (almost always about what I would do if I had lots of money or what I would do if I lost weight.. god I'm pathetic) but most of the time it's about my favourite characters. Sometimes these are characters from fandoms I'm in, but often they are more like the "hero" in my current worldview. I guess the last few years, it's been more of fandom characters since I got more into fanfic and fan-art, before I got interested in anime I just wrote original stories. Anyway, I think about story ideas and dialogue and situations for them constantly. I always need alone time so that I can daydream, and I really get uncomfortable when that is taken away from me.

I buy things for my favourite characters, or rather, I often try to do things that I think they would like. I usually wish I was more like them, so that's probably why. I only like characters who are severely messed up, so I don't know what that says about me. XDD It's also just inspiring, for instance if I'm in a setting that makes me think of that character and I start to imagine them in that setting and what they would do or think about.
Williamgenkischuldich on 19th April 2008 07:57 (UTC)
You HAVE lost weight! You're looking great! :) Anyway, it's really interesting what your said about alone time for daydreaming. Honestly? If I'm on my feet interacting with people all day, I'll want some mental downtime for daydreams. I think that's why teaching can be so difficult -- there's no zoning out, unlike in an office environment. And I DO like to zone. :)

(Reminds me.... are you interested in goth-scifi? There's a gig with one of my favourite bands tomorrow.)
Zalia Chimerazalia on 17th April 2008 20:38 (UTC)
I'm torn between personal fantasies and daydreaming about characters (and being characters ^^ ), and okay, occasionally blog entries as well ^^;

I daydream loads and loads, even when I'm supposed to be doing other things.
Williamgenkischuldich on 19th April 2008 08:04 (UTC)
Me too (regarding daydreaming when I'm supposed to be doing other things)... Mostly it's when I'm doing tasks that need no thought put into them. Other times it's when there's nothing else to keep me occupied -- when I'm walking to work in the morning, for example.
Hi-chan (火ちゃん): Yume to Yume - YumeHinoHug yellowhinoai on 17th April 2008 20:49 (UTC)
I mainly draw art of my personal characters. More art than even stories or anything. I wonder if this is sort of rare, since it wasn't even an option.... ?
Williamgenkischuldich on 19th April 2008 08:05 (UTC)
It's because I couldn't cover every single option. :) I sketch my characters myself, but they look different every time because I'm a lousy artist.
菖蒲eye_ame on 18th April 2008 06:09 (UTC)
I wonder if I daydream more than other people?
Looks like you are exactly the same as me here.
Now at 26, I am still Ayame of Weiss-2 :)
Williamgenkischuldich on 19th April 2008 08:32 (UTC)
I have SO MUCH LOVE for Ayame... but... there's so little interest in him. I have to confess that fan interest (particularly in a series like Weiss) fuels my interest as much or more than the source material.

You would have thought a canon yaoi pairing and a backstory that is wish fufilment to a large(?) number of fans. Sadly, it's not the case.
菖蒲eye_ame on 19th April 2008 09:23 (UTC)
Ayame is love :)) And my own wife is well enough to fuel my interest in anything :)

I tend to spen a lot of time thinking about an aya/Chloe relationship too.
Jesshideincarnate on 18th April 2008 17:53 (UTC)
So as far as muses go, if I can call them muses, I normally just think up stories for them (be they ones I'm already in the middle of writing/RPing, or new ones), and draw them. Depending on the muse, I will buy clothing they would wear. In the case of one muse, they even own baking ware. XD; Yeah. So it just kind of depends. XD

As for daydreaming...it's normally me coming up with stories I really should write but never do and thus forget over time. T_T
Williamgenkischuldich on 19th April 2008 08:34 (UTC)
The thing about baking ware? PURE WIN.

I guess I daydream a large amount of trite and overdone stories (Schwarz are VAMPIRES!1), knowing that it's a Good Thing I'll never write them.
Jesshideincarnate on 19th April 2008 12:19 (UTC)
Hahaha yeah, they like to bake. Gah I sound crazy. XD;

Hahahha me too! XD The world does not need anymore over dramatic stories right? XD;