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18 April 2008 @ 22:24


Sanzo …Suzuki Hiroki (Different Suzuki Hiroki!)
Goku …Shiina Taizou (He was in HaruToki stage)
Gojyo …Maruyama Atsushi
Hakkai …Sainei Ryuuji

Kougaiji …Onoda Ryuunosuke
Dokugaku …Ueno Ryou
Nii …Karahashi Mitsuru
Rikudo …Iwata Yuumin
Kwannon Bodhisattva …RYOHEI (He's only going by his first name, written in the English alphabet... Very difficult to find info on!)
Jirou Shin …Horiike Naotaka

Ensemble …Tsuzuura Yuusuke, Tanaka Suguru, ?Emoto? ?Kazuhiro?, ?Yamakawa? ?Yuuta?, ?Takemori? ?Naosuke?, ?Nagamura? ?Kazuki?.

For many of the characters there are many different transliterations and translations. I couldn't guess the names of the some of the dancers at all. Ah well, they're clearly marked. I tried.
Dhieta - D18 is the path I follow.....: Saigo no Door//Say what ?arisuesei on 18th April 2008 11:26 (UTC)
Sainei Ryuuji as Hakkai sounds interesting.
Williamgenkischuldich on 18th April 2008 23:37 (UTC)
Oops, no, a different one. Same name, but because the kanji was different, I didn't even think about the more famous one! Sorrry. ^^
Hi-chan (火ちゃん)hinoai on 18th April 2008 22:19 (UTC)
That must be a different Suzuki Hiroki than in Tenimyu.. right? I'm not sure if he changed but the picture looks different..and I can't ever imagine THAT Suzuki playing Sanzo. Definitely not a good match!! :O

Wahhhhh I hope they make Goku look smaller and more uke-ish. T-T
Williamgenkischuldich on 18th April 2008 23:40 (UTC)
Yeah, different Suzuki. The kanji is different, so I never even thought about the other one. ^^

Goku's actor is good though, and knows a little about fanservice. I thought he was pretty good in HaruToki.
ravient: kouji's reactionravient on 19th April 2008 08:32 (UTC)
XD thanks~
heeeee.... Kannon Bodhisattva is a MALE?! well.. actually yeah.. but he looks like a female... which is a FEMALE in the real legend.. ^^a;

I LIKE KOUGAIJI!! XD 1991.. damn!
he is too handsome as Doku.. LOL
ravientravient on 19th April 2008 08:49 (UTC)
*look at the previous comments* that suzuki hiroki makes us confused.. ^^;
Williamgenkischuldich on 19th April 2008 08:54 (UTC)
I don't know if it's the same character? I mean, I've read different sections of the story in Japanese and English and due to the Chinese readings involved (basically, the kanji use non-standard readings), it's a little difficult to tell who's who.
ravient: angryravient on 19th April 2008 09:02 (UTC)
*nods* well, we'll see the stage later.. I hope there will be the dvd.
greyhakuro on 19th April 2008 10:14 (UTC)
Hey I got here from ravient's journal =D

Hmm.. I would think the Suzuki Hiroki playing Sanzo is the one who was in Fuma no Kojiro and not the one in D-Boys? not like i can imagine him playing Sanzo either but... It would make sense since Gojyo's actor was in the show too :3

Mehh.. can't wait for it to be out =D

Williamgenkischuldich on 19th April 2008 10:19 (UTC)
Hi, and welcome. :)

Suzuki Hiroki is indeed the FnK guy, not the D Boy.
ryuzaki_desu: Ryoma-samaryuzaki_desu on 19th April 2008 17:18 (UTC)
*came from ravient's lj*

UGEH! They are all from Fuuma no Kojiroh! Well, ok, 2 Fuumas and one Cinepuri >>;;;

Thanks for the info~~~.
Williamgenkischuldich on 19th April 2008 23:57 (UTC)
None of them really seem like the characters yet (except possibly Nii), but I know from Tenipuri casting wars that people who seem utterly wrong at first can be just right with enough make-up.
ryuzaki_desu: Gatitoryuzaki_desu on 20th April 2008 04:25 (UTC)
Yeah, except Cinepuri, which was quite a fiasco D:

But at ANY rate, everyone deserves a chance :3 More than the external appearances, it's the wigs and make-up which count. And YES, you are absolutely right, Tenimyu taught us a big lesson not to judge ahead :D
die-chan: Satoh Takerudare_darou on 21st April 2008 21:55 (UTC)
Wow.. look at those cast!!

Suzuki Hiroki -the Fuuma cast I believe-

Sainei Ryuuji the DekaRed one -also Ibu Shinji on TeniPuri the movie of course-

Karahashi Mitsuru the Snake Orphenoch from Kamen Rider Faiz 555

And I think you got the wrong Ryohei -though I'm not sure myself-. Looking at all the cast, I think this RYOHEI is the one who become Kamen Rider Zolda on Kamen Rider Ryuuki.

Is hard to tell since there's no picture on their site isn't it?
Williamgenkischuldich on 22nd April 2008 07:14 (UTC)
Yeah, Suzuki Hiroki. :) First, it didn't occur to me that he could be anyone else because I was looking at the kanji. Then people got confused because the majority of my flist is D Boys-oriented. But, in some people's cases, I gues it WILL be "that" Suzuki Hiroki from Fuuma.

Yeah, no idea about Ryohei. People who are going by only their personal name should first make sure it's distinctive! :)