William (genkischuldich) wrote,

About a month ago, I was talking to someone who works at the same company as me and it turns out he goes clubbing quite a bit... to fetish and goth clubs. All the mainstream clubs are either hip hop or house (occasionally trance), which I can't stand.

Anyway, there are a few I want to try out next month, so hopefully I can get a few people to come along with me...? There's also one this Saturday, but I'm not really feeling up to it.

Looking forward to seeing Psydoll again at some point too.

Kind of uncreative at the moment, since it's just editing and paid stuff. Not very inspiring. *sigh* I need to get out more.

I'm going to a party to welcome new people at my place of employment tomorrow. I've actually made a friend there already and we take the train as far as Shinjuku together on the way home, which takes around twenty minutes. I love talking in Japanese. :)

I fell behind in my anime watching... I've only watched Strait Jacket #1, which I hated. I mean, I didn't even like Miki Shin'ichirou's character, which should tell you something. I'm sick of seeing crap female characters. I'm sick of seeing smugly perfect male characters. It's a shame because there's an interesting premise at the core of this (OAV) series with a tiny hint of steampunk. Sadly I wanted to punch out the main cast.

Speaking of anime, Koyasu-sama will appear in the anime version of this manga (Noramimi):

"And this time I'm appearing as a guest in episode sixteen of "Noramimi". The character's name is "Sheep Stroganof". He's like a sheep. (...)

If you can watch it, please do so.
He was a really cool character.

Because he's a sheep. (^-^)"

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